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Why the hell do women book a Boudoir Experience?It can be hard to understand their reasons and why they seek out an experience like this.For most women, it’s a MASSIVE deal… booking such a vulnerable and intimate Experience.Without further a-fucking-du let’s answer the top 3 questions I get asked about Boudoir so we can all […]

Let’s get real for a moment. Growing up as a woman in this society is like navigating a minefield of unrealistic expectations and distorted ideals. We’re bombarded with messages from every corner, telling us how we should look, what we should wear, and why our bodies need constant fixing. I get it; I used to […]

There is one huge common misconception when it comes to what I do… and that’s Boudoir getting mistaken for Erotica. So many people have no idea that they are two TOTALLY separate and different genres of photography! Sure, they are both on the more “sexy” side of photography, but other than that, they couldn’t be […]

I used to fall for every single fucking thing I was fed. I used to fall for every magazine that claimed I could “look like Jennifer Lopez in 3 easy steps” or how I could “Lose 20lbs by doing this one exercise”. I used to wish I looked like these Victoria’s Secret models on T.V. […]

If I were to book a photographer for a full pampering day of my own Boudoir Experience – knowing what I know this is EXACTLY what I would and wouldn’t do. ONE;I absolutely would treat myself not just the day of the session, but the WEEK of the session. • I’d book my hair appointment […]

Let’s talk about censorship in this current climate. Tiktok is the WORST offender of blocking my content that I post, and for what? A leg? A woman accepting her own body? A celebration of self love? It would be alright if they were consistent in what they don’t allow – but then you see big […]

The dreaded two-piece bra & panty set…  It haunts your dreams, you fear it knowing that your mid-section will be showing, and you just don’t have the body for a two-piece set, right? I’m here to flip that script so hard on it’s ass that it has no idea what day of the week I […]

I just recently had another Boudoir shoot of my own; I’m probably on shoot #59365382962 But this one was different.  I wanted to do something completely different than I had done in the past, and I wanted to do it with a purpose of showing my babes that lingerie doesn’t have to be the go-to. […]

Most photographers will tell you that anything and everything goes in their studio when it comes to outfits, attitude, what to expect and they would be doing you a GREAT disservice. With me and my studio, I prefer to completely guide my clients into the best decisions, and policies that will only benefit your Experience. […]

Plan on coming from out of town, state or country for your Boudoir Experience with us? This is the blog for you! About 10 years ago, when I really got into boudoir, most of my clients lived locally.  Every once in a while we would have a shoot where we would draw from outside the […]