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I need self love too | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

April 6, 2021

I just recently had another Boudoir shoot of my own; I’m probably on shoot #59365382962 But this one was different.  I wanted to do something completely different than I had done in the past, and I wanted to do it with a purpose of showing my babes that lingerie doesn’t have to be the go-to.

I decided to go into this shoot totally casual, relaxed and dressed from head to toe. Yep, I’m talking sweat pants and hoodies. And I’ll be honest, it’s my favorite shoot of myself to date.

“So why do you have SO many shoots done of yourself? Isn’t that a bit vain?”
My answer? Absolutely not.
I mean, yes, I love having new photographs of myself every few months so I can document my self love journey and my life, but it’s more than that to me.

It’s not just about me.
It’s about trying something new and building on that concept for my clients. It’s about showing a different side to Boudoir so my clients can SEE a visual of something they were maybe thinking about. It gives my babes IDEAS of what they can do for their session. It’s about breaking away from the cliches about boudoir. Lastly, it shows that I walk my own walk, and not just talk the talk.

Sexy doesn’t not equate to lingerie.
Sexy is a state of mind.
Once we realize that and practice it, you will see that in yourself.
We all possess it, and we are all beautiful.

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