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Top 10 Mistakes to AVOID when it comes to your Boudoir Experience | OC Boudoir Photographer

January 22, 2021

Most photographers will tell you that anything and everything goes in their studio when it comes to outfits, attitude, what to expect and they would be doing you a GREAT disservice.

With me and my studio, I prefer to completely guide my clients into the best decisions, and policies that will only benefit your Experience.

I am NOT afraid to tell you ‘No’.
I am NOT afraid to steer you in a different direction.
I am NOT afraid to lay out a few rules.

There are 10 common mistakes, that in my opinion are the photographers fault for not bringing to light to our clients. Let’s discuss the biggest mistakes…


Bringing outfits that don’t fit you right.

As a woman, I know the feeling of “omg, I can squeeze this ass into a size 8… I can do it” – please DON’T do this.
Don’t go out looking for lingerie, and convincing yourself you are a certain size, and if you can squeeze into it, then you’re golden.
Not only does this look bad in images, but you are psychologically hurting your self esteem.
Please just go up or down a size so the lingerie fits your comfortably, isn’t squeezing in weird places, or isn’t baggy in some places.

A perfect example of something you absolutely shouldn’t bring due mostly to the fit is a jersey. PLEASE DON’T DO IT.


Be over prepared and have a list of shots you want.

Don’t, don’t, don’t, over-plan your shoot. Just know that there will be elements of your shoot that involve being in the moment.  You can’t anticipate and prepare for the shoot without taking away that which makes your experience truly unique.  I have had women search the web, study other women’s shoots on You Tube and Pinterest to the point that they felt that they knew exactly every position and every camera angle that they wanted.  All I can say is ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO THIS.

Keep in mind, when you make a Pinterest board of everything you want in your shoot, I can’t provide that to you. Those images are different people, different styles, different editing techniques, different lighting, different studio – and I am NOT about to copy other photographers work. That is not why we are here. We are here to create a session catered completely to YOU.

The beauty of Boudoir is that, just as every woman is different, every shoot is different.  I promise you there is nothing cookie-cutter about it. Leave yourself some room to breathe and be spontaneous.


Come in with a bad attitude.

Ditch the bad attitude. When I say “bad attitude”, I don’t mean come in being mean to us or throwing a fit… I mean… don’t do those things either but what I really mean is whether you are feeling unsure just before your shoot, or having a negative body image day, or just plain blue, do you best to put those feelings behind you and replace them with excitement that you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is your time to shine and there is absolutely no place for anything that brings you down.


Dreading the Experience or the outcome.

It is ok to be a little apprehensive and nervous but it is not healthy to be in a state of dread and paranoia.  It is the job of myself and my amazing crew to make any nervousness disappear within moments of your arrival on shoot day.  Why not instead look at it as an adventure?

Coming in and immediately putting it in your head that you are going to hate the Experience, hate the girls, and hate the photos is just a negative way to treat a life changing experience. Just take a deep breath, and be okay with the unknown until you come in!


Not stretching before your shoot.

Make sure you are getting enough stretching in at least a month leading up to your Boudoir session.  We are going to give you a work out like no tomorrow and those muscles are going to feel it. Here is a video of the exact stretches you should be doing every morning until your shoot!


Not eating the day of your Experience.

Don’t try to crash diet the day before your shoot.  Believe me when I tell you that under-nourishing yourself, or totally not eating anything the day of your shoot is only going to serve to do two things:

  1.  Make you feel weak and unable to keep up with the more physical aspects of the shoot (Like posing).
  2. It will affect your complexion and your overall demeanor.  You want to look healthy and radiant not pale and lifeless.

I do not want to have to be shoving a granola bar down your throat when you start passing out from the posing and not eating. Don’t make me do that. The extra “bloat” you are worried about isn’t going to make a damn difference. EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST. EAT THE PANKCAKES. FUCK IT.


Not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Nothing life changing ever came from comfort zones. Please adopt this mentality with your Boudoir Experience.
Brought in an outfit that might be just a little too see through for your comfort zone? EFF IT. Wear it. You WILL be pleasantly surprised, and liberated.
Not sure whether you are comfortable enough with your booty in the air poses? EFF IT. Stick it in the air babe, and just trust me, you look HAWT.


Not drinking enough water prior to your session.

Your skin will thank me for this one.
One month before your session, start cutting out soda from your routine. Replace with a fudge ton of water. Just trust me.


Overthinking and getting stuck in your own head.

I know how easy it can be to start panicking and wanting to back out.
I promise you that being nervous is normal, and expected.
You may even want to cry on your way in… that’s fine. Cry it out girl. But do it anyway.
I swear you will be on top of the world at the end of it, and it will all be worth it.

Woman laying on her side on a bed


Drinking alcohol 24 hours before your session.

Yep, you heard me ladies. Many photographers will disagree with me on this one but guess what?


That’s the first and foremost point.
But secondly, you WILL be red in the face if you have alcohol. I can’t edit out flushed.
And if you drank a little too much… sloppy isn’t cute babe.

I was a bartender for 10 years, I know if you have been drinking, and I WILL call you a cab and send you home if I suspect you’ve been drinking.

Please don’t make me the bad guy.

I promise this rule is for your safety and for the overall amazingness of your images!

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