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If I were a Client… | Orange County California Boudoir Photographer

May 16, 2023

If I were to book a photographer for a full pampering day of my own Boudoir Experience – knowing what I know this is EXACTLY what I would and wouldn’t do.

I absolutely would treat myself not just the day of the session, but the WEEK of the session.

• I’d book my hair appointment at least a week out to make sure I’d have time to correct any mistakes in case I didn’t love it. (Ideally, a few weeks out is better)

• I’d book a massage for the day AFTER my session (so I can fully enjoy the massage because I’ll be sore from the shoot AND I didn’t have to take my makeup off the day of my shoot in order to get a massage)

• I’d get my nails done professionally, neutral colors or french manicure is best! (Or do them yourself if you can, I just don’t know how to draw in the lines)

I would help my body out…

• I’d drink way more water than normal to ensure my skin is glowing the day of my shoot

• I’d make sure I DON’T drink any coffee or honestly anything that isn’t water the morning of my shoot because coffee stains suck

• I’d make sure to EAT BREAKFAST. It’s a workout, and you NEED the energy. So I’m stuffing my face with a good healthy filling breakfast

• I’d NOT worry about bloating or food babies. I’m hot as I am, and I know the photos and my body will not be affected by simply eating

• I’d remember to freaking stretch, you have NO IDEA how much this helps


• I would take myself out on a shopping date and try on my lingerie to ensure everything fits

• I’d grab last minute options from my closet that I normally love and bring them, last minute options are ALWAYS the best!

You should absolutely look at this Experience as not just a one day occasion – but an opportunity to truly pamper yourself. If you are someone who tends to put yourself of the back burner and rarely treat yourself, it’s time to use this as an excuse to put YOU fucking first.
I think it’s time you inquire for some information to book your shoot, don’t you?

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