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They will not silence me | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

September 23, 2021

Let’s talk about censorship in this current climate.

Tiktok is the WORST offender of blocking my content that I post, and for what? A leg? A woman accepting her own body? A celebration of self love?

It would be alright if they were consistent in what they don’t allow – but then you see big pop stars such as Lizzo shaking their naked booty in the camera (which I’m all for) but then you see a small creator / business owner do something 10x more mild and BAM – I get blocked or banned for another week.

All this app is teaching us is that we have to be “monitored” and that our bodies are taboo. This app is doing much more harm to our younger generation by subliminally saying that we need to be covered up, hidden, and cannot express our sensuality.

As a Boudoir Photographer, I use my platforms to show off how a session works, why you have no reason to be nervous for your shoot, why it’s life changing, outfit ideas and more. But when I can’t even post a video of me holding up lingerie on a hanger, it makes my job very difficult when I am doing NOTHING that is against their community standards.

Boudoir is being censored not only on Tiktok, but we are targeted on Instagram as well. They come after Boudoir Photographers like we are the plague, and I’ll say here and now – I am SICK & tired of it.

So from here on out – I will be posting all the uncensored goodies and videos here on my blog. Please make sure you check in frequently to keep up with all the amazingness that is BOUDOIR! 

If you follow us and love what we do, I would truly appreciate it if you share this blog post to your friends, to your social media, anywhere – that way we can get our message out that censoring us will NOT stop us!

We will not be silenced.

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