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Boudoir VS Erotica and The Differences Between Them | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

January 1, 2024

Boudoir vs Erotica

There is one huge common misconception when it comes to what I do… and that’s Boudoir getting mistaken for Erotica.

So many people have no idea that they are two TOTALLY separate and different genres of photography! Sure, they are both on the more “sexy” side of photography, but other than that, they couldn’t be more different!

• Sensual posing
• Focused more on emotional & intimate vibes
• Nudity is optional and more classy posing
• Focused on women learning to love the shape, curves, and movement of their bodies
• Sexual posing
• Nudity is expected in Erotica
• Penetration / includes sexual intercourse or sexual acts
• More focused on genitalia
• Toys are often involved

I, personally, do not offer Erotica photography at my studio.

It’s not something I am comfortable with or something I would seek out personally for my own personal use.
However, there are so many Erotica studios out there to look into, but just be very careful.
I have heard awful horror stories about not booking with professional photographers. Please do your research!!

If you are ready to have a life changing BOUDOIR Experience and learn to love the skin you are in for 2024, I’m ready for YOU!

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