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I have always longed to create beautiful things in my life, along with helping people in the process. Growing up in Orange County, my parents subconsciously, through example, taught me how important it is to do something that feeds your soul. My mom, as a business owner, taught me that you have to put every ounce of passion and hard work into being your own boss, but it is the most rewarding thing in the world. 

By creating an experience and being myself, my clients feel comfortable through the entire process. The moment my clients see their beautiful photographs and realizes how truly beautiful she is, that is why I do what I do. 

I'm so excited that you are ready to jump into an experience that will change your life, so let's chat, and get to know each other! You can email me at photographybyalyssamichelle@gmail.com or use the contact form!

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I drink the light amount of about 12 cups of coffee a day. I really enjoy staying at home in my sweatpants playing video games for 72 hours straight without seeing other human beings.
It's all about balance, friends.

I'm a Women's Intimate Portraiture + Boudoir Photographer in Orange County, California, and when I'm not taking photos you can usually find me on my patio with my laptop editing beautiful ladies, trying hard to write something profound in my notebooks that I never fill, looking at cute cat videos, and trying everything in my power to not do laundry. (Sorry babe) 

I'm a photographer because sometimes the best way to appreciate your life, your body, your outlook of yourself is to see it from another perspective. We tend to become blind to the magic in our everyday. We look ahead to milestones, compare ourselves to strangers on the internet, and are constantly told that in order to be happy we need to have more, do more, be more. 

I'm doing my best to break those stigmas, to bring us back to the present, focus on ourselves, take care of what makes our hearts sing, and learn to love yourself for who you are. Because there is only one you. <3 

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I believe that every woman, no matter how tall, what ethnicity, or size is drop dead gorgeous. As women, it's hard to not be put down by societies impossible beauty standards, but I'm here to show you that you are beautiful. Sometimes it just takes a new perspective to see what everyone else sees in you. 

Your don't need courage to change your life, you just need to trust you can

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