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April 9, 2021

The dreaded two-piece bra & panty set… 

It haunts your dreams, you fear it knowing that your mid-section will be showing, and you just don’t have the body for a two-piece set, right?

I’m here to flip that script so hard on it’s ass that it has no idea what day of the week I kicked him in to.

Here’s the deal. I know as women we are prone to hating our bodies. We look in the mirror and think “If only I were… (INSERT YOUR EXCUSE OF CHOICE HERE), then things would be better and I would be beautiful.” Look, I did it to, for a long time.
I picked apart every little thing about myself, my stomach, being the punching bag, so to speak. A target, if you will, of all the negative and hateful thoughts that ran through my head.

As we grow up, outside forces teach us that a flat belly is a sexy belly. Which is correct, it is sexy. But, do you know what also is sexy that they DON’T tell us growing up? Flabby bellies, bellies growing babies, curvy bellies, super tiny bellies, bellies that fold, dip, and overlap. Those bellies are just as sexy as rock hard ab bellies.

Now, I know you have a lot of unlearning to do about what is sexy, trust me, I went through that class too, the hard way, but that’s what Boudoir is… think of it as Unlearning the societal standard crap that has been shoved into my head for years, 101.

I’m here to help you unlearn.

I’m here to SHOW you that not only can you wear a two-piece but you are going to rock the fuck out of it.

I’m here to help you finally FEEL like the hot shit that you are. PERIOD.

Okay love, it’s time for class, you ready?

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