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How beauty changed for me over the years | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

December 14, 2023

I used to fall for every single fucking thing I was fed.

I used to fall for every magazine that claimed I could “look like Jennifer Lopez in 3 easy steps” or how I could “Lose 20lbs by doing this one exercise”.

I used to wish I looked like these Victoria’s Secret models on T.V.

Once I became a photographer, I started to see the world in a much different light. What most of the world deemed ugly, I saw the beauty in it.

I was photographing to most odd things, like dumpsters, a broken and burnt tree, a fucked up bench, trash on the beach.

I loved showing the beauty in things that were conventionally looked down on.

It wasn’t until I started solely photographing women that my brain started to unlock the part that saw beauty in every single shape, in every roll, in every mark, dimple, and curve.

Sometimes it’s so hard to see our own beauty, but it’s amazing when we finally find beauty in uniqueness. The things that make us different are what gives us a light that doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

We possess our own shine that nobody can compare too, and that is what makes all of us beautiful. Period.

Time to embrace the weird, embrace the odd, embrace the uniqueness that makes us who we are.

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