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The Top 3 Questions I Get Asked as a Boudoir Photographer | Orange County Boudoir Photographer | Santa Ana Boudoir Studio

February 5, 2024

Why the hell do women book a Boudoir Experience?
It can be hard to understand their reasons and why they seek out an experience like this.
For most women, it’s a MASSIVE deal… booking such a vulnerable and intimate Experience.
Without further a-fucking-du let’s answer the top 3 questions I get asked about Boudoir so we can all get a better understanding about the power is exudes.

ONE; Why do women book a Boudoir Experience?

There are countless reasons why, honestly the list could go on and on, and with every woman’s story being so different, it would be impossible to tell every single reason – but the most common reasons are:

– Learning to love their bodies
– Recovering from a trauma
– Celebrating a milestone
– Just because
– To pamper themselves because they never put themselves first
– A gift to themselves and a partner
– Want to stop this moment in time and document their lives in the now
– Wedding gift
– Last ditch effort to love themselves (unfortunately this is a common one)
– To show their children that loving your body isn’t shameful

Again, the list could go on forever, but these are the ones I see on a daily basis.

TWO; Do I have to go nude?

Absolutely, 100% NO!
If there is a Boudoir photographer that forces you to get naked, RUN THE FUCK FAR AWAY.
You CAN go nude if you’d like, but it is absolutely and positively NOT required!
You choose what you wear or don’t wear.
We are here to help you bring your vision to life – if you have no vision, you can put that on us and we will help you choose outfits that compliment your personality and make you feel beautiful.

THREE; Why is Boudoir so “Expensive”?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “expensive” is 100% relative.
You may value something that another person may not value.
You could look at this Experience and think “DAMN! That’s an amazing deal” – but another babe can think “shit I would never pay that”.

That being said, Boudoir is the most difficult form of photography to learn and practice. Yes, more than weddings, more than portraits, more than anything. Why?
Because I hold women’s self esteem and self worth in my hands. I have to be careful not to break it.
An amateur photographer won’t know how to pose you, light you, bring your personal light into your images, they won’t know how to create ART with YOUR uniqueness.

I’ve photographed every body type under the sun. I know your curves, I know your face, I know how to show you HOW to bring out your sensual side.

It takes experience and practice to understand that.
If you value a life changing experience, you will understand why we are priced how we are.

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