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Why does Boudoir change lives, really? | Orange County Boudoir Photography Studio

August 30, 2023

I know you hear this from me and maybe even from other Boudoir Photographers all the time, “it changes your life!” or “Boudoir will completely change your perspective of yourself and your body!”

As often as you hear it, and it probably might not even resonate with you heavily anymore since you read those words multiple times a week… they are TRUE.

But let’s get into it a little further than surface level, shall we?

WHY does Boudoir change one's life?

I’m sure we are all very aware of “comfort bubbles”.
We all have one, and they stick with us wherever we go.
But we can choose at anytime to be ballsey and pop that bubble when we want to.

Growth happens outside of that bubble.

So by doing a Boudoir photoshoot and popping the bubble, your life is naturally going to be altered in some way because we’ve chosen to leave the comfort at home for a day and do something that normally would scare us.

By stepping out of that zone, you’ve opened up a world of possibility. You are now allowing yourself to be vulnerable and feel all the nerves, feelings, and thoughts that come along with diving into something petrifying.

By doing so, your life will change not so much because of the photos at the end of the day, but because of your decision to remove yourself from the chains of the bubble.

WHEN does Boudoir change one’s life?

This is a little different for everyone, but my opinion? It starts to change the second you choose to receive information about a shoot.

That takes a certain level of determination and bravery for most.

Truly when your life starts to move towards a direction of changing, is when you step into the studio the day of your Experience.

Then, it changes more as we move along through the process of hair & makeup, then choosing outfits… I do believe there is something that clicks with every single client, when they hop out of the closet to show us their first outfit option. They start to see that it’s not scary, we aren’t judging their bodies, we aren’t grossed out, and we are here to SHOW you a different side of you that you’ve never seen before.

Then we move into the shoot itself… so many women tell us that they shoot was SO much easier than they expected it to be. They actually had FUN during their time with us rolling around in the sheets and getting naked.

Last but not least, the Image Reveal.

This is when the process of life changing is completed.

When the confirmation of your beauty is finally seen through your eyes. When you see yourself how I see you.

This is when you start to really see the TRUE you and how beautiful you are.

My hope is that you see these words, and let them marinate and sink into your soul. That way, it gives you the idea that you can do this too, and we are here waiting to change your life.

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