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We’re engaged!  Killian and I have been together for 7 years and a few months. He asked me to be his girlfriend only a few short weeks after we first met, we went on our first trip across the country together after only 6 months of dating, and we moved in together to our very […]

The dreaded two-piece bra & panty set…  It haunts your dreams, you fear it knowing that your mid-section will be showing, and you just don’t have the body for a two-piece set, right? I’m here to flip that script so hard on it’s ass that it has no idea what day of the week I […]

The holiday season is the time to not only look forward to being together with those we love, but also to reflect on what we have accomplished and the events that shaped our lives.  I know this year has been tough for so many people, including myself – but we’ve definitely had more up’s than […]

How do you want to feel when you see your photographs?Do you want to see yourself hanging up on the wall – a daily reminder of how beautiful you are and how your life changed that day?Or maybe you want to flip through the solid pages of your album to reminisce?Or you might love the […]

“Wow, you are way too expensive, that’s absolutely ridiculous!” “Oh Jesus, you are completely robbing people, you should be ashamed of yourself for charging so much!” “Nevermind, I can go to the picture people and get the exact same thing for SO much cheaper!” These are just SOME of the examples of comments I’ve received […]

I had a million things say this week, but I’m pushing everything back so I can have a quick word with you about the need for speed.  I told you last week about the TikTok video post that went viral.  Well, some of the results from that are in… Because of the wide reach it […]

As I have said before, I am lucky enough to love what I do. I absolutely believe in it. I have always felt that to be successful in any endeavor, you must have a passion for it; a desire that goes beyond the pocket book. Don’t get me wrong, making a living is great and […]

Lately, we have had a lot of interest in exactly what products we offer at Photography by Alyssa Michelle.  There are so many choices surrounding how to display your gorgeous final images and we make it super easy with samples in the Reveal room of every product we offer! I know that it’s hard to […]

I think I speak on behalf of myself and my team when I say we are SO excited to be getting back to work soon! Even though we don’t know when exactly California is going to be in a position to start fazing in different types of businesses, we are already starting to plan on […]

Many of you who follow me on Instagram & Facebook already know the news, but I wanted to share the FULL story here on the blog for you! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Yes, during this insanely crazy time in life with Covid-19 & quarantine – we found a home, put in an offer, got a […]