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April 23, 2021

We’re engaged! 

Killian and I have been together for 7 years and a few months.

He asked me to be his girlfriend only a few short weeks after we first met, we went on our first trip across the country together after only 6 months of dating, and we moved in together to our very first apartment only a year after being together.

How we met

Honestly, it’s a little cheesy and kind of like our little “fairytale”.

I was a regular drive thru Starbucks customer when I was living at home. Every morning I would get my coffee before heading to work. I rarely ever saw Killian working there in the mornings, but a few times during the day and at night.

One night, my dad asked me randomly to go grab a coffee through the drive thru before they closed, and my sister had his car at the time, so he asked me to take him.

We pulled up and heard Killian’s voice take our order.

Long story short, I thought he was cute, I asked for his facebook so we could be friends, and he saw on my facebook that I was a photographer so he asked if I could teach him a few things.

We spent the next day together walking around San Juan taking pictures, flirting, and getting to know each other. The rest is history. 

The one thing I love is that apparently, before we met, he would joke with his manager saying “you watch, one day I’m going to meet the love of my life through the drive thru window” ….

How he asked

As I said earlier, we have been together for a little over 7 years.

I have been wanting to get engaged for at least the past 4 years desperately.

At the 6 year and 8 month mark I started getting really antsy, so I told Killian that if he didn’t propose in 6 months, that I was going to propose to him.

I REALLY didn’t want it to get to that point, but I was over waiting for him lollygagging (especially since he told me plenty of times that the only hangup for him was making sure the proposal was his version of perfect)

So by the end of the 6 months, he hadn’t asked. I was getting so discouraged and honestly truly wondered if he would ever ask.

The last day of the 6 months, he told me “I know it’s not within the timeframe that you wanted, but would it help you feel better if I tell you the timeframe I set for myself?”

Of course it would make me feel better… haha!

So he said “two months from today, that’s my timeline”.

Moving on to April 16th, a month and a half after he told me the timeline.

We had a list of things to do in the house, as we still are not FULLY moved in (still living a little out of boxes, etc) and one of the things I wanted to get done was our linen closet upstairs.

I got home from work at 12:30pm, told Kill I was gonna take a small nap, then we can work on the closet.

When I woke up we got to work. We cleaned out the closet and at the very top he had our memory box full of receipts, pamphlets, magnets, and just all of our memories that he collected from the last 7 years together.

He pulled it off the shelf and said “we should go through this tonight!”.

I was so focused on the closet that I said “ yeah, we can go through it, but I’m going to cook first”.

So we finished up the closet, and I went to the kitchen to start cooking dinner.

Killian joined me in the kitchen with the Memory Box, and started gong through it while I was cooking.

“Remember this?” He said a few times, and I would respond with a laugh or a “oh gosh, yeah, remember when…”

It was really sweet, and Killian has always been really big on remembering the times we spent together.

He went through the whole box and then shut it, and put it on the dining room table.

Dinner was ready, so I brought our plates to the table. We ALWAYS watched Chopped the TV show during dinner, it’s just our thing, and for some reason, the apple TV remote wasn’t working, or it was dead.

So after a few seconds of frustration, I gave up, and just turned on The Wedding Planner instead (one of my favorite movies).

I had a tostada in my left hand, about to gracefully take a massive bite, and that’s when Killian said “Wow, doesn’t it suck watching this movie when you aren’t engaged?”.

Sure as shit, I was about to tell him off when I looked down, saw the memory box opened up again, and a ring box he had opened in front of me.

To be honest, everything was kind of in slow motion for a minute, We only had two weeks left of his timeline, so I truly thought I was prepared for any proposal scenario, but he completely caught me off guard.

I looked down, then looked at him and said “Wait…. What?!”

And then it really hit me, “WAIT….. WHHHHAAAAATTTTT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

After what seemed like 5 whole minutes of me in disbelief, I actually started to cry… I really didn’t think I would cry.

He started crying once he saw me starting to cry, we stood up, hugged, and then I said “OH, It’s a yes, by the way!”

Then he looked at the ring box, and said “It’s a new memory” and put the ring on my finger, which fit PERFECTLY.

As I sit here and type our story out, I’m looking down at my hands, and at my ring. It’s so surreal thinking it’s finally our turn, and I’m going to be a wife, and Killian will be my husband.

But for now, I’m content and thrilled to call him my Fiancé.

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  1. Anita says:

    Wonderful 🥰 this actually made me cry a little and I’m so happy for you both! Congratulations 🎊🎊🎊👏

  2. Jennifer Kinsel says:

    Reading this made me cry too.

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