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Hair & Makeup for Boudoir | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

February 21, 2020

First, let me deal it to you straight….  every woman is beautiful and incredible the way they are.
Sure, we all have days where we may not feel that way.  Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and everything just seems gloomy including the reflection I see in the mirror. 
But what we want is for you to come in to your boudoir session ready to be flat out pampered like the boss you are.

Every babe that comes through my studio has a completely different look.  Literally, we are all individual and come with all of our own features and flaws.  And, actually, to be totally honest with you, our “flaws” are what make us exciting and unique!  Without them, we would all be little cookie-cutters of perfection. And nobody wants millions and millions of close robots walking about, let’s just be real.

Your hair will be down for your session.
Because your hands will be in it, messing around with it, I’ll be in there giving you head scratches to make is like and fluffy and amazing.

But you get to choose what kind of curls, beachy waves, big uniform curls, volumous, etc.
Or you can chose to have it straight!

This also goes for our babes with short hair! Bobs, pixie cuts, bald, etc. Obviously, if it’s so short that it can’t be styled, let us know so we don’t schedule a hair stylist!

When it comes to make-up it is truly your time to shine and we mean that quite literally.  You have pretty much full reign on makeup – you will chat with our artist when you come in about colors you like, how dramatic of a look you want, what you don’t like, etc.

It’s completely normal and FINE if you have NO idea what you want. Our artist is there to help steer you in a direction that she thinks will work best!

We do of course, let all of our clients know that your version of “natural” and our version of natural will differ.
The camera actually looses about 30-40% of the makeup in the images, so we do everything a bit heavier than you are used to in order to compensate. I promise you will NOT look overdone!

There are three “starter” looks that we love;

ONE: Shimmery & Glam
We all love a little shine in our lives and on our eyes, don’t be afraid of the bold sparkle!

TWO: Dark & Sultry Smokey
Smoky, big and dramatic! This makes the statement that you are not going to go quietly and unnoticed.  You are here and you are fearless.  
A little tip, we try not to do full gray & black smokey eyes, because it will actually darken your eyes so much that you won’t see them in photos! But don’t worry, a brown smokey eye is like… the bomb.

THREE: Natural
Okay like I said earlier, natural will look a little different than you are used to. We are getting you CAMERA ready, not walk on the street ready.
But don’t worry, we will use natural tones, and make it more subtle than a full bold look!

Keep in mind, we do require that you have your hair & makeup done through our in house team. They are here to pamper you, and to give you a look that you will love before you strut your stuff for your session! Plus, they are a hoot if I do say so myself 😉

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