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Not one… but two… or hell, even three | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

March 9, 2020

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about your Boudoir shoot possibilities……but wait, there’s more!  Another new option that has been catching fire lately is sharing your experience with one of your best friends. Listen, we all confide in our girlfriends about our experiences, especially when it involves photography.  Now you can do more than talk about it, you can actually make them a part of it.  

The great thing about a Bestie shoot is that it is open to whatever you want to make it.  To start off the special day, hair and makeup is done simultaneously with each other. The day begins with pampering for the both of you, I mean, sounds to be like a spa day, but better.

After hair & makeup is completed, then the two of you will be moving on to Boudie Closet where both of you will try on outfits together and choose together! Don’t worry, we still help you make the best outfit decision.  You can get sexy, edgy attire, or you can keep it more traditional, focusing more on the relationship between the two of you as something you truly want to cherish.

The Besties shoots can be playful, serious, or more on the lines of “vogue”.  You are in control of the tenor and style here. And that’s what makes it so much fun.  I have done my own bestie shoot with my sister and, at first I thought it would be awkward, even uncomfortable for both of us.  But once the cameras started clicking, we had an absolute ball talking, laughing, posing; alternating between playful and serious.  There was nothing that we thought was awkward and it was great to have a second opinion on just how we wanted to capture our relationship.

Whether it be wacky or wild; sexy or sweet, there is something so comfortable having someone so close share this day with you and at the same time, create new memories together.  Keep in mind too, if you have more than one bestie, why not have a three babe shoot?!

So, go ahead, take a chance.  Do something different and fun…… You are both worth it!

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