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What makes our Boudoir Studio different than any other | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

October 4, 2019


There are specific reasons behind everything we do at Photography by Alyssa Michelle.  We constantly strive to give our Babes the best experience we possibly can, down to the very last detail.  Some of the ways that we do this is by making sure our clients are pampered by the best hair and makeup artists in the business, create an experience that is catered to each client and a beautiful historic studio that offers a variety in rooms, each different in style and design.  We also make sure that we take the lead in making available a wide array of choices for our “client boudie closet” and have a beautiful selection of heirloom products to choose from.


One thing that sets us apart from other Boudoir Photographers is that we don’t just put all of our faith in one camera and one photographer.  We understand that if we want to capture every great shot, every flattering angle, and every sultry facial expression, that means we want to be as prepared as possible, and four eyes are definitely better than two. If getting the right shots means we need to climb up on a chair, hang out a window, or roll around on the floor, so be it 😉


Our clients get to know my sister, Amy, and myself. As some of you know, Amy is our studio manager. She is also our second photographer and she brings her own unique set of skills to every shoot.  Amy and I share a vision of how to create the best atmosphere, both visually and fundamentally, but that is where it ends. Yes, we are sisters, but we have two distinctly different styles and that is what makes us better together.  We both see things just a little bit different and, instead of duplicating what the other is capturing, we get a better variety for our babes. We also have two completely different personalities. Amy is a little more laid back and introspective, and I am a little more assertive and instructional, so we work well together, and balance each other out to create the best experience possible.


Our goal is to make our clients feel relaxed and comfortable during their shoot, and to be honest, our sister banter is hilarious. During your shoot, I can guarantee that you will laugh, a lot, because again, I’m hilarious.
It takes the focus off of just you and distributes it among all of us so that we are all part of the shoot experience.


We not only have both my sister and I shooting photographs, but we both film boudie films as well. Having two of us provides better quality clips for your film, because we can piece together various perspectives of the same movement which really helps tell the story.  Another benefit of the second photographer is that it saves time so you aren’t stuck at the studio for 17 hours. Since shooting film requires motion, much of the filming is done by the video editor herself (Amy). This enables us to get the quality and the length of clips that we need to compose the best Boudie Film possible for our clients.  

Two boudoir photographers photographing a woman in lingerie on a rooftop

Perspective is different for every photographer and different for every client.  Bringing new ideas and new points of view to our shoots keeps us fresh and lets us constantly improve on the experience that we are able to bring to our clients.

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