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What Boudoir really is | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

September 20, 2019

My daughter Alyssa Michelle has been a Photographer for over 13 years, and a Boudoir Photographer for over 8 years.  She began her career as a wedding/fashion photographer before she finally found what she truly loves, Boudoir.  I have been her biggest supporter and fan every step of the way. I believe in what she is doing and I believe in her!  And I believe she is in this business for all the right reasons.

But, even to this day, I am learning what Boudoir really is and what it represents to her clients.  I am not alone. So many people that I have talked to have absolutely no idea what Boudoir is. They have never heard of it before.  Others think it is another word for pornography. I find that I am constantly explaining to them what kind of photographer my daughter is and what Boudoir is all about. 

For me, Boudoir was a way for me to conquer my fear of being in front of a camera and seeing myself in photographs without family members, without being a part of a group where I can fade into the background.  For others, Boudoir is a unique expression of themselves; a way to realize the beauty they possess and the strength that they gain in themselves through this expression.  

I have heard many testimonials from women that have said Boudoir for them is a self-healing process that ultimately builds confidence and teaches self-love.  Some of the most inspiring stories have come from women that have overcome a tragedy or a loss. Others have found that, through Boudoir, they have conquered low self-esteem and gained self-worth.  

I have even seen both of my daughters lives positively impacted by their experiences with their own Boudoir shoots.  Their own confidence and perception of themselves have been dramatically improved.

In reality, the Boudoir experience is whatever you make it.  There are no hard guidelines that everyone must follow. There is certainly no black and white with Boudoir.   Boudoir is a whole lot of grey. The only boundaries are those of our own imaginations.

Boudoir is as bold and fearless as we want to make it.  It is clothing on, clothing off and everything in between.   I don’t think it is something that you can put a label on and say “there it is in a nutshell”.  Boudoir is something very different and very personal for all who experience it.

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