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Why so many babes come back | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

October 11, 2019


After thirteen years as a photographer, I have seen many of the same women come back again and again.  This is a more than a trend and there is more than one reason why these Babes are booking their second or third shoots.  For me, it is hugely rewarding to know that their lives were so positively impacted during their first shoot, that they are excited to experience it all over again.  I get to know these ladies on a more intimate level and it is fantastic to see the confidence that they have in themselves and the endless ideas they bring to their next sessions.  


The number one reason why Boudie Babes come back for another session is that they want to tap into their more daring side.  I have heard this over and over again. We see a lot more return clients go nude or partially nude. This is very common for women on their second shoot to want to push the envelope a little further, knowing they needn’t fear the process and that they are free to express themselves in any way that they are comfortable.  


One of the things that I am guilty of is changing my look from time to time.  Some of my return clients do the same. Whether it is a subtle change to hair or make-up, or the addition of piercings or special tattoos, we want these changes reflected in our new photos and videos.  Using the client closet or bringing in new and different Boudoir outfits is another way to keep things fresh and embrace change.


Second and third shoots often include add-ons that were not in the original shoot. Videos are a common add-on just as adding additional rooms such as the Moroccan or Boho. Rooftop, The Shower and multiple outfits are some of the other ways our clients choose to differentiate this shoot from their last.  


For some, their Boudoir sessions are a big part of their own personal growth and a major boost to their self-esteem.  For them, this growth doesn’t end after the first shoot; it is a constant and ever-changing part of their lives. 85% of Boudie Babes are coming back again and again because, quite simply, they love the whole Boudoir experience! Let’s face it. We all deserve to be pampered and to appreciate the beauty we possess again and again.

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