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Let’s amplify your photoshoot with add ons | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

August 16, 2019

Did you know that you can customize your session with add ons? We have so many options that appeal to each babe that allow you to really pull out your personality in your session! Without further ado, our add on options for your sessions…

Couples Shoots: Adding your partner to the shoot has become increasingly popular with my clients.  These are available in “partial”, with the man only in one portion of the shoot. For those who book the “full” couple shoot, your partner will be a part of the entire shoot. There are positives to either choice and it truly will depend on the vibe you want for your experience!  In my experience, generally men are more self-conscious and less sure of themselves in this setting than are women. The benefit to a couples shoot is to capture your relationship in a playful and intimate manner.

Couples Boudoir

Roof-Top: This is a nice addition for those who like an outdoor, urban feel! The roof-top overlooks old town Santa Ana and to the east, the Saddleback Mountain range.  This option has worked nicely for those who have chosen to add it regardless of the weather. Just as each day is different, each shoot on the roof has different climates.  We have had shoots with beautiful cloud formations, those with a bright, clear sunny day, and some with a gentle breeziness. All of these conditions look great in photos, and the outfits can make the pictures really stand-out against the outdoor backdrop.

Rooftop boudoir

Boudie Film:  Adding on the Boudie Film is an amazing way to rediscover yourself and your sensuality.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching the reaction that my clients have in seeing themselves in film during their image reveal!  It is one of those things that everyone should try at least once. A mini film of you coming into your confidence and reconnecting with your body is one for the books!

Shower:  Just as in the Boudie Film, the addition of the shower to your shoot truly captures you in your most sensual form.  The light and the water play well with the camera and gives off a whole different look and feel to the photos. I have never had anyone regret the decision to add this to their experience!

Shower Boudoir

Multiple Outfits:  You can add one or two additional outfits to either the Boudoir or Goddess Experience, to give more versatility to your shoot.  This is the single, most popular add on as it gives you different looks to choose from. This is especially nice when the Roof-Top, Boudie Film, and/or Shower are added ; or if you are just one of those people who, like me, can narrow down but not eliminate all of the outfits you love! 

Booty boudoir

The Moroccan Room:  The Moroccan Room is our newest addition, and definitely different from all the rooms! The colors are rusty orange, deep reds, creams, browns and golds. The finishes are patterned with jeweled details. It has a very “busy” vibe to the room, which we love!

Moroccan Room Boudoir

The Boho Room: The Boho Room is our softer room that offers more of a “sanctuary” feel. With our papasan chair, daybed, and romantic accents with colors of creams, golds and soft browns, this room offers a completely unique vibe. The textures are knits and faux furs.

Bohemian Room Boudoir

Same Day and Next Day Image Reveals:  These options are available and work very well for out-of-area clients and those who simply need to fast-track their experience.  They are not available for those who have chosen to add the Boudie Film.

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