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What to look for when choosing a boudoir photographer | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

August 9, 2019

Just as you would shop around for a new car to drive or a new dress to wear to an important wedding or party, attention to detail should be given to selecting your Boudoir Photographer.  The same rules apply. You want to make sure that the choice you make is the right one. Selecting the right photographer not only means that you will have a positively memorable experience during and after the shoot, but that you will also walk away with tangible proof every day that you made the correct choice.  

One; The Photographer’s Experience with Boudoir

Experience is an important factor when choosing your photographer.  No two photo sessions are alike just as no two photographers are alike.  Each photographer has their own distinctive style and personality, and uses their skills that they have acquired to bring out the best in their clients.  The seasoned photographer focuses on making the client feel relaxed and comfortable while capturing the beauty in each of us in a way that we have never seen before.

One of the ways to make sure that this is accomplished is by familiarizing yourself with the photographer’s “body of work”.  Typically, a Boudoir Photographer will post samples of their work on their Website, Facebook or Instagram. If they don’t have a website, beware as they may not have the right amount of experience.  The more applications the photographer uses to offer samples of their work to prospective clients, the more we can see their confidence in, and effort they are willing to put into their work.

Two; Feeling comfortable with your photographer

Does the Boudoir Photographer offer insights into their philosophy and education on the products and services they provide?  Blogs, testimonials and newsletters are one form of letting the Prospective clients know what you are all about. It can also be a source of valuable information and can readily provide answers to questions you may not even know you had.  Browsing through offerings of this kind can also give you a good feel for the photographer’s personality and beliefs. It’s very important to feel comfortable with your photographer and to share the same vision.

Three; Make sure your photographer is full service

Make sure the photographer you choose offers a wide variety of products.  Not all Boudoir Photographers offer videos or an array of hard copy photos, metal wall portraits, etc.  It is a big plus to the photographer that handles all products through in-house ordering. This is a very personal experience that always seems better to keep everything personal with your photographer as well. It’s important that your photographer is there for you every step of the way, especially through the ordering and products portion.

Four; Make sure you find a photographer that offers the works

Especially if this is your first boudoir experience, choose a photographer that offers the works. Does the photographer offer a “client closet” to choose from or do they only tell you that you bring your own clothes for the shoot.  While you should bring your own options to your session, it is also nice to be able to look through a “closet” of intimates that you might not otherwise try.  The experienced Boudoir Photographer will, no doubt, have some recommendations on the do’s and don’ts of boudoir color and style. Does the photographer offer hair & makeup in order to have a fully relaxed and pampering day. Also, your photographer should know exactly how to pose you for your body type, personality, etc. You should not be left to pose yourself!

Five; Understand their pricing structure

After researching the different Boudoir Photographers, make sure that the prices are spelled out for the various offerings.  Usually, there will be a “Experience” fee which is generally covers the fees charged by the hair and make-up stylists provided for your shoot, the time, and the full creation of your session.  The products that you choose to purchase may be a-la carte or there may be packages that are tailored to different clients needs. If you have time before you need the products, payment plans may be a way to go for you if they are available.  There will always be Boudoir Photographers that are more expensive and those that charge less. Selecting the right Boudoir Photographer for you is of great importance to ensuring that your experience is an amazing one! Keep in mind, especially in boudoir photography, the saying “you get what you pay for” applies greatly here. Please save up for this life changing experience, because you do NOT want your photographer choice to be chosen purely on a budget standpoint. Please remember, boudoir is meant to show you how beautiful you are right now, but with an inexperienced, cheaper photographer, it can do quite the opposite because the photographer does not have the experience that a professional does.

Six; Does your photographer ‘walk the walk’?

One of the most important tips for you is to make sure your photographer has done a boudoir photoshoot for herself or himself. It’s incredibly important for him or her to know exactly the emotions you would go through booking your session and experiencing the nerves.
Your photographer should always walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

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Article by Dana Nicolai

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