Women's intimate portraiture

Your life-changing boudoir experience is 100% priceless.




The goddess experience

The LUXURY experience

The ULTIMATE experience

- $650 -
• Hair + Make up 
• 2 outfits
• Wardrobe Assistance 
• Access to Client Boudoir Closet
• 2.5-3.5 hour Boudoir Experience 
• Professional editing of all final images
• Your Image Reveal where you will decide which products or package you would like to purchase!
• $150 Print credit

- $1,600 -
• Hair + Make up 
• 3 outfits
• Rooftop add on OR Shower Scene
• Rustic Room add on OR The Production of your Boudie Film
• Wardrobe Assistance 
• Access to Client Boudoir Closet
• 3-4 hour Boudoir Experience 
• Professional editing of all final images
• Your Image Reveal where you will decide which products or package you would like to purchase!
 • $250 Print Credit

- $2,500 -
• Hair + Make up 
• A day spa pass + massage
• 4 outfits
• The Rustic Room + Main Room
• The Production of your Boudie Film
• Shower Scene OR Rooftop add on
• Wardrobe Assistance 
• Access to Client Boudoir Closet
• 3-4.5 hour Boudoir Experience 
• Professional editing of all final images
• Your Image Reveal where you will decide which products or package you would like to purchase!
 • $350 Print Credit

- $300 - 
• Hair + Make up 
• 1 outfit
• Wardrobe Assistance 
• Access to Client Boudoir Closet
• 2-2.5 hour Boudoir Experience 
• Professional editing of all final images
• Your Image Reveal where you will decide which products or package you would like to purchase!
• $50 Print Credit

The Boudoir Experience

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*All Experiences are available for a payment plan.


"I am a 46 year old woman, mother of four and wife.
My hairdresser told me about her incredible experience and pictures by Alyssa Michelle and I was more than intrigued. I have thought about doing something like this in the past but worried about the finances, being at my ideal weight, nervous about the experience and about not being happy with the results at my age. My entire experience with Alyssa from the moment I first contacted her was amazing. I booked my session about a month in advance and as it got closer I got more nervous (next time maybe not so far in advance) but was so excited for the experience after having seen my hairdressers pictures. They were beyond sexy, sweet, hot and she looked so gorgeous! Photo day was magical. My hair and makeup looked perfect! I felt like a Victoria secret supermodel! I was slightly nervous the first few minutes of the shoot but then you get so into it and she makes you feel so comfortable! I saw my pictures a few days later and nearly fell over. I couldn't even believe it was me. It brought out so much emotion in me that I cried my eyes out. They are beyond gorgeous! My advice to everyone is do not wait. There will never be the perfect time. You may never be at your ideal weight (doesn't matter, she has a unbelievable way of making everyone no matter what you look like look perfect). You will always find an excuse to not have the $$.
YOU ARE WORTH IT! Every damn time! The results are priceless and you will be able to look back Years from now and smile every time you look at your pictures!!


"Every single woman needs to have a session with Alyssa and her team. The experience and the pictures you are left with is beyond worth it. I have thought about doing a Boudoir session for awhile and when I saw my neighbors results with Alyssa I knew it was my time. Her entire team is amazing and will make you feel absolutely gorgeous. They have a true talent for capturing your inner beauty and having it show on the outside. Do this for YOU and I know you will not regret it. Thank you Alyssa cubed and Stacey for an absolutely amazing experience. I can't wait for my husbands jaw to hit the floor when he sees the photos."


"They say a picture is worth a thousand words, however when I saw the pictures Alyssa took of me, they left me speechless. I have never seen anything more beautiful, and I'm talking about my body and the simplistic beauty of her photography.
Walking in the door to her studio, I immediately felt as if I was walking into a room filled with some of my closest girlfriends. These ladies are the definition of empowering. From the hair, to the makeup, to the poses, to the laughter, every part of Alyssa's company is unforgettable. I have been on cloud nine since I left my photoshoot and now I get to relive that feeling everyday with the book that is being made.
This is not just a photoshoot, it really is an experience. Something I highly recommend for all the ladies to try. I promise you will love yourself in a whole new way after!"


"Having my boudoir photographs taken by Alyssa and her team was an incredible experience. From the moment you walk in the door, you are welcomed with open arms like a longtime friend. You are pampered having your hair and makeup done by two incredible talented ladies (Alyssa and Stacey were my hair/makeup duo). Just when you think it can't get any better, you get to look through her fabulous lingerie closet (you can bring your own of course, or go naked!) and see the beautiful studio she has set up. It's so simple yet elegant, nothing distracting to take away from the beauty of YOU. The shoot was amazing, It was so fun, and I can't believe how much I laughed and chatted with the girls while in my undergarments striking sexy poses (that they model and walk you through so you don't feel lost or confused).

And the viewing! OMG! To see all of your photos...it's indescribable. Alyssa and her team are truly gifted. I feel a new sense of self-confidence and sexiness. Ordering is pricey, but it's so worth it. To look back on these photos years from now, to see how amazing I looked, to surprise my husband....so worth it.

No matter your shape, size, age, race.....do it! You won't regret it and the only thing you have to loose is your negative outlook on body, and your clothes!"


"My experience at Alyssa's studio was unexplainable...but let me try.
Her staff is amazing. They welcome you and make you feel at home right away. Each of them listens to the style you are going for, in terms of hair and makeup, and if you don't like something they have no issues changing it. 
Once you're ready, they are ready to photograph. Going in, I was not model caliber at all. However, Alyssa will literally get down and show you the positions she wants and talk you thru them.
It is not a stiff experience either. It is full of jokes and laughter. All in all it's just a very fun and positive experience. 
When you go in, at a later date, to view your photos, she once again makes it very cozy and inviting. She strive to make it a very personable experience. 

I am so happy with my gain of sex appeal and confidence. Alyssa work is not only gorgeous, but it's you! She does her best to capture your true beauty and to make you feel and see the sexy woman that you are! 

Photography by Alyssa is not only a place to go for beautiful photos, but it is truly a company working towards self healing and self love. I cannot wait to return!"

Frequently asked

Not at all! It is not required in any way to be nude for your session! In fact, you can wear as little or as much as you want! It's whatever makes YOU feel sexy! If you do end up deciding that you would like to go nude, keep in mind it does count as one of your outfits!

Do i have to go nude?

All of my boudoir sessions take place at my 4,250 sq ft, historial landmark studio located in Santa Ana, CA, We also have a Rooftop add on option for your session if you want a different feel to your shoot!

Where will my shoot take place?

First things first, send me an email! I want to learn about you, and your motivation behind wanting your life-changing boudoir experience! Once we get to know each other, I will send you all of the important details, we will customize your session to your liking, and then I will send over your contract, questionnaire, and invoice for your Creation Fee!  Once those are completed, you are 100% booked and secured in the calendar for your chosen date, and then the planning begins!

What do I need to do in order to book my session?