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How will you choose how to display your photographs?! | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

June 12, 2020

Lately, we have had a lot of interest in exactly what products we offer at Photography by Alyssa Michelle. 
There are so many choices surrounding how to display your gorgeous final images and we make it super easy with samples in the Reveal room of every product we offer!

I know that it’s hard to picture the products that we offer with just a description – so we went into full detail about each product for you here!


The Luxury Album; is a beautiful crocodile leather or distressed leather covered album which comes with 20 pages as a base (you can always add more spreads).
All albums are smudge-proof, fingerprint-proof, and they do not retain oils.
These beautiful albums show off your badass self in the highest of quality printed with archival pages so they will last a lifetime, literally.

The Opulent Album; features a different and bold array of cover options ranging from leather to velvet for our vegan babes! The Opulent Album comes with more images than the Luxury, and is our superior line of albums.

The Opulent Album offers these cover finishes:

• Patterned Leather
• Snakeskin
• Paisley
• Luxury Velvet

The Opulent Album
The Opulent Album, size 12×12
The Opulent Album cover options


The Heirloom Box; 4×6 fine art photographs of your entire shoot are beautifully displayed in our hand-crafted rustic wooden heirloom box with your choice of stain finish. All prints are also smudge and fingerprint proof.
The prints are wrapped in cheese cloth and surrounded by a satin bow.
I’m not going to lie, I like to smell each box when it comes in, because it just smells of the beautiful woods.

The Glass Box; 4×6 fine art photographs of your entire shoot in our dramatic glass box with copper metal beveled edge and tied with a delicate bow. Similar to the Heirloom Box, but in a more dainty and feminine presentation.

The Copper Box; 5×7 Matted (frame-ready) photos in a gorgeous 8×10 glass box with a copper-beveled edge.  Choose from the 12 image size or the 30 image size.

The Leather Envelope; Twenty-five 5×7 prints tucked inside a “cognac” or “black” leather satchel and finished with a satin bow.  Great for travel or you can frame some of the prints of your choosing! So many options with this beauty!

The Heirloom Box in “slate” with 4×6 fine art prints
The Glass Box with a copper trim includes all 4×6 fine art prints
The Copper Box with 12 fine art 5×7 prints
The Cognac Leather Envelope with (25) 5×7 fine art prints


You want the wow factor? Metals are the way to go.
Images are imprinted directly onto polished aluminum; light weight easy to handle, these are reflective and mounted on a shadow box in back to give it a three-dimensional feel. They have a modern feel to their presence and it’s definitely a statement piece. We have all different sizes to choose from ranging from 8×12 all the way to our show-stopper, a 40×60!

A show of the sizes we offer from 30×40 to 16×24 shown here
Our largest and biggest show stopper, the 40×60


5×7 Matte-board print on a hand-crafted wooden stand with choice of stain finish.  These are great for night stands and desks.


OK, seriously, this is definitely one of the vintage, and nostalgic favorites!  Each reel has two identical pictures, one for each eye, that give it a three-dimensional look.  We call it our private peep show-very popular with the significant others!

The Viewfinder


These custom, sexy boudoir films come on a rose-gold crystal USB drive. They are a 50 second – one minute and 10 second “commercial” of YOU. I promise it’s not as scary to film as it sounds and we walk you through every step!

The beautiful crystal USB that holds your Boudie Film or slideshow


Password and PIN protected this high-definition digital gallery includes all of your Boudoir photos and is easily assessable from home or on your phone.


Easily one of our most requested and desired products! Retro-vintage printed wallet size photos make it easy to pull out on a rough day, or to remind yourself that you are a badass beauty!

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of the wide range of products available to you.  We offer amazing packages that have multiple products included as well so you get the perfect mix of products for YOU!

Make sure to head over to read about the Experience add ons for a shoot, HERE!

Any questions? Email me at photographybyalyssamichelle@gmail.com

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