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The biggest fear with boudoir | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

May 28, 2020

Every once in a while, I ask the babes who follow me what their greatest concern about the thought of booking a Boudoir session is, the number one answer comes back the same almost every time: Cost.  

Each time, I hope to get answers like “I’m nervous about the thought of posing for pictures”.  Or, “I’m too thick, I’m too thin, I’m not photogenic”, “I’m just too plain scared to step out of my comfort zone”.

All of these are legit concerns and I would love to ease your mind about all of them. But cost is the one area I feel like is a misconception or looked at vaguely and isn’t understood.

Is Boudoir expensive?
That all depends on your idea of expensive. The word “expensive” is completely relative. 

So let me as this question a different way:

Are you less or more expensive than other photographers?
The answer is most likely more expensive.

My clients take comfort in knowing they are investing in themselves with the most life changing experience with the best boudoir photographer in California (voted best, AND I’m just confident 😉 )

But why should you invest more in my experience, when you can get boudoir photos taken somewhere else for cheaper?

The answer is, you won’t get the life changing, on cloud nine, completely personalized experience that you will get with me.

And I’m not saying that to be like “I’m the best, look at me!” – I’m saying that from experience and knowledge.

I’ve hired Boudoir photographers in this area, I’ve had clients tell me some terrible horror stories, and I’ve had many clients who have done multiple shoots, and then with me they say they’ve never had an experience like this.

Boudoir is NOT about the images solely.

It’s about the feeling. It’s about the connection. It’s about the intimacy. All with yourself, your sensuality, and your body.

When you take into account that the cost is high, think of everything that comes with it, and you will understand the investment. 

Now, knowing we are more expensive than others, I’ve created systems that allow any woman to be able to afford a session and her products with ease.

Number ONE: Payment Plans

All of our Experiences AND our products or packages are available for a payment plan.

From 2-18 months, these make your payments completely affordable.

Number TWO: The Boudie Bank

This is a way for our clients to “build” a fund toward their products by contributing before your shoot whatever you would like. You would be surprised how much this can grow and help to absorb some of the costs of the products you choose.

Number THREE: Interest Free

All payment plans & the Boudie Bank are completely in house and interest free. So you never have a surprise charge every payment.

I hope this helps ease your worries about the cost involved with our Boudoir Experiences. 

One last thing I will leave you with is money comes and money goes, but you never regret the experiences that you’ve had. Don’t let money be the deciding factor in why you don’t push through with your life changing experience.

To read more in depth on these plans and the breakdown of the experience and cost, go over to: How to Financially Prep for your Boudoir Experience.

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