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May 8, 2020

Many of you who follow me on Instagram & Facebook already know the news, but I wanted to share the FULL story here on the blog for you!


Yes, during this insanely crazy time in life with Covid-19 & quarantine – we found a home, put in an offer, got a counter, accepted, and now we are in escrow with only 3 weeks left until we move in!

I’ve been receiving so many questions and excitement from you babes and I wanted to share to journey with you here!

I want to start this off with we were seriously looking for a house two years ago, but being first time home buyers, we had no idea what the process was like or what we needed. We never got pre-approved two years ago, so we never really got a solid idea of how much we would qualify for.
We did find out that we MIGHT get pre-approved for $400,000 two years ago – which was NOT cool with me, especially living in California where $400k gets you a front door and a shack.

I had been saving my ass off for this very purchase for many years. I had been working hard to afford the house that I knew we could afford… but of course being self employed came with it’s hurtles. So the advice we received was that we should wait a few years to buy a home when my business is “older” so we can get approved for more.

We put our plans & dreams of being home owners on the shelf and continued on with our lives. I honestly was devastated. But no harm no foul, we would find our house eventually.

Then Covid-19 hit.

A house wasn’t even on our radar when Covid-19 hit our country and rocked our world. We stayed quarantined, only went out for essentials, and stayed home the rest of the time.

We closed the doors to my business temporarily like hundreds of thousands of businesses had to do to keep our country and community safe.

Then, something completely strange happened.

I was scrolling instagram, and came across a realtors photo – I noticed she serviced Orange County, and I pondered for a minute. What was the hurt in just sending over a DM?

Next thing I know, I was on a phone call with her and figuring out the logistics on going through looking for a home. Like I said, we weren’t even actively thinking about buying a home or even looking. I just had this crazy hunch to shoot this girl a DM just to see.

We started getting our pre-approval process rolling, all within a day!
To be honest, I was terrified that we would qualify for the same as two years ago, or maybe even less. Even though I knew we could afford so much more, I wasn’t sure how this process really went on determining what we can get a loan for.

The waiting for two years paid off… we doubled what we qualified for two years prior.

So then… we started looking online and the website my realtor provided us, and we narrowed down what we wanted to see to 2 places.
One was a single family recently renovated home, but on the smaller side of what we wanted at 1,700 sq ft.

The other place we liked was a townhome sitting at a perfect 2,400 sq ft. The only problem was, they were currently being built so there were only projected pictures of what the townhomes COULD look like inside, and of course they were glammed up to the nines. So really, we had no idea what it was going to look like.

We set up home tours for the next day, and we geared up, masks from our realtor and gloves just to go look at these two properties.

The first house we looked at was the single family home – which we liked, but didn’t love and couldn’t picture ourselves living there, but it wasn’t until we saw that directly across from the house, was an elementary school… I’m talking like you can throw a rock from the front door and hit the school.

That was the deal breaker for me.

I was not about to struggle to get out of my driveway just to get to the grocery story every week because of the school.

So as you can imagine, we were a bit disappointed, especially because the next place we were going to see, we were basically going in blind.

This townhouse was right in our area that we already live, which is exactly what we wanted. We love the area we are in, and didn’t want to leave.

We pulled into the neighborhood which was still heavily under construction, and we both felt a sense of comfort. We met with the agent to show us the house. We walked up to the building, and he unlocked the door.

I couldn’t explain it, but the second we stepped foot in the house, we knew we were home.

Although there were no floors yet, the walls were tall, the space was big, and the vibe was home.

I’ll let the photos do the talking of how beautiful the home is.

We ended up putting in an offer the next day, received a counter, and accepted. So that brings us to now. We are in escrow and our closing date is May 28th, 2020.

We found our dream home during Covid-19 so of course we had to have a picture in front of our house with our masks on to frame and put in our new home when we move in to remember that we can do anything together.

We are now in the process of getting our contractor on the same page with the renovations we want to do!
We are going to rip up the carpet and replace it with a vinyl plank flooring – we chose that beautiful black & white tile for the bathrooms & laundry rooms, and we are doing some awesome things to the kitchen as well!

We will keep y’all updated as time goes by – make sure to follow me on instagram to keep up with the updates!

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