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I miss what I do | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

May 3, 2020

I have been sitting in front of a blank computer screen wondering what I can blog about.  I am trying to think about something that others may find interesting.  But the truth is, as I sit and think, the only thing that really comes to mind is how I miss my life, my work, and all of you ladies out there that make what I do so interesting, satisfying, and ultimately, rewarding for me.  

I truly miss what I do.  Being a Boudoir photographer brings me into contact with so many great people that I otherwise would never have a chance to know.  And, as I get to know my clients through our questionnaire and later by meeting them, I am reminded of all of the countless reasons that women come to book Boudoir shoots.  

I have had women that have wanted a Boudoir shoot to help boost their self-esteem that suffered as a result of staying in an abusive relationship.  Other women have had to face tragedy and find a way to get beyond the pain of the experience.  One thing I must say, for the most part, these babes put me to shame.  At least as far as what so many of have had to deal with and overcome in their lives.  It is remarkable that some are still standing; still holding their heads up high and still hopeful for the future that awaits them.  It makes my own life seem ideal and my problems, trivial in comparison.

 I have done Boudoir shoots for women who just wanted to see the beauty in themselves that others see, but sadly, they do not.  Sometimes it has been because they are simply more critical of the way they look because they are constantly comparing themselves to other women.  Sometimes, they see the features that make them unique as flaws or as undesirable.  I see unique features, scars, moles, stretch marks, whatever, as part of who we are; something to be embraced, accepted, appreciated.  

I have been asking myself during this lockdown we are in, “what do I miss the most”?  I miss getting the studio ready for the shoots in the morning; organizing the client closet, opening the curtains, lighting the candles.  I miss peeking in on my clients as they are primped and pampered by our hair and make-up artists.  I miss the banter, back and forth between us and our clients as we prod to get the most out of them and, in turn, so they get the most out of the shoot.

But, above all, I miss seeing the look of satisfaction and, in some cases, awe as my boudie babes stare at the screen during their reveal, almost in disbelief that they are indeed just that stunningly beautiful!  

Anyway, let’s do our social distancing now, and do our level-best to keep ourselves and those around us safe so we can get through this crisis as soon as humanly possible.  I know I am doing my part to stay well so I can keep my loved ones safe; and so I can get back to doing what I love to do!


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