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How we plan to re-open | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

May 15, 2020

I think I speak on behalf of myself and my team when I say we are SO excited to be getting back to work soon! Even though we don’t know when exactly California is going to be in a position to start fazing in different types of businesses, we are already starting to plan on what policies and protocols we are going to put into place to keep everyone safe.

ONE: Cleaning standards

We have always maintained a high level of cleanliness when it comes to the studio. We will continue to uphold that level of cleanliness and some. After every client, the studio is cleaned, mopped, vacuumed, and all of the bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets are washed. We also clean every piece of lingerie, clothing and towels after each use.

TWO: Temperature required

Each client will need to take their temperature the night before their session, notifying us as soon as possible if it is elevated. For anyone with an elevated temperature or otherwise not feeling totally well, we will reschedule your shoot and waive the normal fee.  You want to be feeling your best the morning of the shoot for yourself and for the photos. Please keep in mind that we all have family and people we need to keep safe, and by disregarding this rule and coming in without checking your temp or not feeling well, would be putting the team and their families at risk.

THREE: Face masks

The team is required to wear a face mask/ covering for the duration of your session / visit. We ask that you wear a face covering from your home to the studio.

FOUR: Washing hands

Upon arrival you will be required to wash your hands, and our team will have done the same as well.

FIVE: No touchy

Lastly, and probably the biggest change for me is that we will have a no-contact policy.  I love to hug and squeeze, especially right when we meet, but I will have to refrain from forcing a hug on you for safety of the team and for yourself. Please know it’s killing us inside not to be able to hug you. The only time I will be touching you is if I need to adjust your hair, or body for a shot – and I will ask your permission first.

These policies are really designed to continue what we have all become used to doing over the last couple of months.  It is important to act as responsibly as possible.  We all know and love people that are more vulnerable to illness or in a higher risk category of contacting this or any other virus, and we owe it to them to be safe in what we do.

I look forward to that time when the restrictions are lifted!

Until then, let’s keep our spirits up, our outlook positive, and we will get through this together.

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