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A difficult client | Orange County Boudoir Experience

May 22, 2020

You want to know a little secret? I was a little scared that after two and a half months away from doing what I love, I had an underlying fear that I would have forgotten everything I knew. Which buttons to press, how to compose an image, how to pose my clients, etc. A silly fear, since my work and what I do is basically like riding a bike, once you learn it it’s really hard to forget how to do it.

During this time, I have felt, uncreative, lazy, unmotivated, and scared that I would lose the love for what I do because of not doing it for what seems like forever.

I had the most important photoshoot of my life to keep me on my toes.

This client had told me that she was nervous going nude, but wanted to dive into the full experience. I rooted her on and encouraged her, like I do for all my babes who choose to go nude. It really is the most empowering experience.

She showed up with zero outfits.

Which is not okay. I tell my clients to absolutely bring backup options, no matter what! She was a very difficult client who didn’t listen to my prep instructions.

She also showed up with her hair and makeup already done… HUGE NO-NO. I was shocked when I saw her.

AND she refused to look down, she insisted on staring at the camera for every single shot.

She even refused to break a smile. Smiling isn’t bad at all, but we need variety! I tried to tell her this, but she didn’t listen to me.

Regardless of the hiccups and the client being uncoorperative, I feel a new fire lit from under me, and I asked this babe to be my muse forever and ever… Everyone, may I introduce you to… Barbie.

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