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I dreaded my boudoir session… | Orange County Boudoir Experience

March 13, 2020

Well, here I am roughly a year after my first Boudoir shoot with my daughter Alyssa Michelle.  That is a year after my daughter had to drag me to her studio kicking and screaming, finally agreeing to it only because I had made her a promise that I would one day let her shoot me.  That sounds weird; but you know what I mean.  

Before the day of my shoot, I was totally terrified; uneasy about the thought of seeing myself in photos which isn’t necessarily my thing even on my best days.  But the morning of, I was quietly resigned, almost like a sheep being led to the slaughter. I knew I couldn’t back out now. I had promised, and I don’t break promises to my kids.  So I acquiesced.  

I figured I might as well try to be a good listener, a willing participant and a pliable subject.  After all, Alyssa and Amy had planned this day for a long time before I was even ready for it.  

So, I put all of my shyness as far out of sight as I could and tried as hard as I could to do all of the poses Alyssa and Amy laid out for me.  What I couldn’t do was envision what any of the photos would look like given that the poses felt so extreme, so unnatural. I was actually worried that this would be the first totally disastrous shoot ever.  And I would have to own that for the rest of my life!

Luckily, that didn’t happen and I actually loved the photos in my image reveal which really says a lot.  Somehow, they managed to capture me and let me see a side that I never expected to see. The experience itself was well worth it so anything else was just a bonus.

My girls and I went out for dinner the other night and they were joking about how it is time for another shoot for me.  The only difference is, this time I think they are right.

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