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Couples Boudoir Photoshoot | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

September 13, 2019

Boudoir is not limited to shooting a single person. Couples shoots are catching fire in the boudoir world. I cannot think of a better way to bring that special person in your life on board with the whole idea of Boudoir than by making them a part of the experience. One thing we strive for with our couples is to capture the relationship they have with each other; Playful, sensual, introspective, thoughtful, romantic. The skin textures, facial expressions, body movements, outfit choices all play into a whole new experience for the two as a couple. The way the two act together, look at each other, and embrace each other is what we want to capture, the love between these two people, and the chemistry.   In our couple’s shoots, we celebrate the individuality of each person and the collective nature of the relationship they have with one another.

“This was my second shoot with Alyssa and the team! I was sooooo excited to be doing another shoot and even more excited knowing that I was going to be a couples shoot(which took a little bit of convincing on his part)! 

We were definitely nervous before, this was something totally different for us to do as a couple, something to step us both way out of our comfort zones. Having just had my second baby 9 months ago I was feeling pretty down on myself about my body, which can affect our relationship, so I figured this was the perfect thing to add that little spark back!

As soon as you step into their studio the nerves go away. All the ladies there make you feel so comfortable, so beautiful and sexy. And I think Jack was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly it all goes. They really know how to lighten the mood and make you feel at home. And they are able to make it such a fun experience while never losing the professionalism.

The reveal never ceases to amaze me. It takes you’re breath away when you finally get to see all your photos and film if you chose to do that( I am SOOO happy we did). All the voices in your head about your flaws, the stretch marks, the cellulite, that little bit of squishy you have, they all disappears and you realize just how beautiful you really are. It’s truly a life changing experience. Not to mention the products are absolutely to die for!!   I tell everyone if they have ever thought about doing it. JUST GO FOR IT! Life is too short not to!!” -Breanna

To book your couples boudoir experience, email us HERE to get the conversation started!

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