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Why you should consider going nude | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

September 6, 2019

“I could never do nude, I’m too squishy!”
“I can’t hide if I’m nude!”
“I’ve had kids, nude is definitely not something I can do!”
“Nobody wants to see that”
“Do I HAVE to be nude?”

These are real life questions that clients have asked me. I want to start this off with one key thing: You are NOT required to go nude.
I absolutely know that Boudoir as riveting and exciting as it can be, it’s also on the other hand terrifying.
Nudity can be intimidating, but we build it up in our heads to be something WAY more dramatic than it really is.
But one thing is for sure, 90% of our clients who DIDN’T go nude have told me it’s their one regret.
But, it gives them an excuse to book another shoot and go nude for their round 2!
So why SHOULD you consider going nude…

Boudoir as Therapy

Countless times my clients have told me things such as, “What you have done in 3 hours for me is more than my therapist has done in over 5 years”. Now, in no way am I saying that Boudoir is a replacement for therapy, but in a sense, some women benefit more from seeing “action” taken towards moving forward from a trauma in their past.
If you have ever had low self-esteem, or struggled with a trauma, or even just want to really practice self love, there are a number of things you can do. 

Some things help to improve self image over time; others provide immediate, measurable results.
For quick improvement, buying some new clothes, getting hair and nails done, or a spa day will all fall under this category.  The payout is immediate and the results are visible right away. Under these circumstances, however, the results are slight and really only scratch the surface of the real problem. Then there are long term practices, such as boudoir. What better way is there to strip down all the walls and barriers we put up than to go nude in your Boudoir shoot? No hiding, just embracing your body, even if you are scared shitless. You would be surprised how liberated you feel after doing something that scares you.

Would Have, Should Have

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard my clients say after their Boudoir shoot, “I should have gone nude”.  It seems like a lot of this has to do with the realization that the session was not nearly as “frightening” as they might have thought it would be.  Understandably, first-time clients have ideas in their minds, correct or not, of how the shoot is going to be. What they do not know right away is how easy the process really is, and how down to earth the team is.  You never want to walk away from an experience wishing you did something else or something different. Do it now.

Nude is Timeless

Clothing styles, even for Boudoir, come and go with the years just as fashion changes constantly.  Sure, they say that all styles eventually come full circle, but what better way to avoid the need for a fresh outfit than to not have any outfit at all! Nude is always fashionable 😉

Two-Timing Boudie Babes

As I said before, one comment I frequently get from clients during their image reveal is that they should have gone nude.  That being said, many of my clients that have booked a second (or third) Boudoir shoot are choosing to go nude. There are many reasons for this choice ranging from wanting it for a significant other person in their life, for their own self-confidence,  to just desiring a different perspective than their original shoot. Whatever the reason, most women find that shedding the clothes for their session is truly a liberating experience. It is such a huge confidence builder to see that you are uniquely beautiful and that you are able to appreciate that you don’t need fashionable clothing to hide behind.  The whole Boudoir experience is supposed to push you out of your comfort zone; break down the societal barriers of what you can and cannot do. Sure, sexy outfits look great and they are fun to choose what you are going to wear for your shoot, and you can definitely pick an experience that has multiple outfits so you can explore both lingerie and nude. But there is the undeniable fact that you are your own fashion and it looks great on you!

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