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What should men wear for a Couples Boudoir Photoshoot?| Orange County Boudoir Photographer

August 4, 2019

As difficult as lingerie for women can be, it’s probably just as tough for the dudes to find the best “outfit” to wear for their Couples Boudoir Photoshoot.

That’s why I’m here to break down the best wardrobe choices for men, and what NOT to bring. Spoiler alert, most likely the things you think will be good, might not be!

A T-shirt!
Yes, it’s simple. Yes, you have it in your drawer right this second. Yes,
T-shirts are the ish!

First; Men’s T-shirts have wonderful texture in them which photograph beautifully.
Second; It gives us something to work with, tug at, create that sultry, seductive desire in photos. Bring on the T-shirts!

**I would highly recommend you bring a solid color such as gray, cream, olive green, etc.
**Stay away from crazy patterns and bright colors. No neon colors at all!
**A baseball style tee like shown above is an AWESOME option too!

Jeans are hot. I know that I lose my mind when my man is walking around the house with no shirt and just a pair of jeans on. Jeans the best option because it also allows him to get comfortable in the beginning of the shoot, because they don’t have to strip down immediately AND blue jeans offer such an incredible texture that photographs BOMB.
Another thing about jeans… they have a zipper. Enough said.

**Blue jeans are the best option
**Bring a belt for added fun in the photos

Boxer Briefs!
Okay, boxer briefs are the best. Yes, they are better than regular boxers. Boxers are baggy and now as flattering to the booty, and guys… we love your booty.
This is where we can be a little creative if you didn’t want to bring something solid colored in (although you cannot go wrong with solid neutral colors). You can bring in boxer briefs with a fun pattern, just stay away from things too bright, or too busy. We don’t want to outshine the entire photoshoot with your bright neon pink penguin undies!

Last little tips;
• SWEATPANTS. I know I know, we nag at you for wearing sweatpants outside of the house, but sweatpants can create a relaxed and loungy vibe to your session! I say bring it on!
• A beanie! Don’t be afraid to bring your personality with you, if you are like my man and wear a beanie 24/7, then by all means, bring it!
• Funky socks. Yes please.

Now let’s talk quickly about some of the don’ts!

1. Do NOT wear a jersey. Period.
– I don’t let my girls bring them in, and I won’t let you bring them in. This session is not about repping your team, it’s about the love your share with your partner! Let’s keep it on that.

2. Do NOT bring button up dress shirts.
– It’s just too formal for such an intimate setting. Most button up material also does not photograph well at all. And let’s be real, they can be pretty cheesy.

3. Do NOT bring shorts.
– If you want pants, stick to the jeans!

If you want to read all about wardrobe ideas for women, go HERE!
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