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July 17, 2020

I had a million things say this week, but I’m pushing everything back so I can have a quick word with you about the need for speed.  I told you last week about the TikTok video post that went viral.  Well, some of the results from that are in…

Because of the wide reach it had, we are now booked for the rest of this year.  Actually, we are pretty well booked through March of 2021!  We were naturally crazy b use before we went viral, but since we did go viral, our bookings have gone through the roof. To give you an idea, before going viral we were booking about 5-7 babes a week, which is a really good rate. Post viral, we booked 15-20 babes A DAY. Which is pure insanity!

One of the reasons I am even talking about it, is for those of you who have been following us and maybe thinking about booking a shoot of your own, may want to be armed with the information ahead of time so you are ready to dive in your life changing experience head first before all the dates are taken!

So, when is the last time you did something just for you?  If you are ready to be primped and pampered and to indulge yourself for a change, then come let us help you make some memories you won’t soon forget.

Our team is ready, let’s do this!

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