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Confidence is a lie | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

December 6, 2019

Confidence is a tricky thing. 

Our mind tries to disguise confidence as something we should be born with and as we grow it is chipped away at.

When in reality it’s the complete opposite.

We are born, and have to earn our confidence for ourselves. We have to work at it and work at it. The problem is, that because of the above thinking, believing we should already have confidence, we never work at it, and we never achieve confidence as we mature and grow.

So when it comes time to make a decision or to say yes to something that scares us, or to do something life changing, we question ourselves and trick ourselves into thinking that since we don’t have confidence it’s not possible for us.

“Confidence is not what you need in order to do something, confidence is something gained when you do the thing that scares you.” 

So when I read an email that starts off with, “I want to do this, but I have no confidence” to that I say, GOOD.

I tell them that this is the experience that will change that, and the misconception that you need confidence before you book is a convincing one. But if they put their trust in me, take my hand, and let me show them what is possible, that’s when lives are changed.

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