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Why choosing your Boudoir Photographer shouldn’t be taken lightly | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

November 22, 2019


So, you are ready to start your own Boudoir journey, hell yeah! The important thing you need to know is what you should be looking for in a photographer to make sure there are no disappointments. This is a very personal decision and you want to make sure that the photographer you choose has the right skills and experience needed, a comfortable and versatile studio setting, and the personality that will bring out the very best in you.

Think of it this way… when searching for a photographer, consider some of the basics:  If you are getting married and need a professional for the wedding, your best bet is to go with an experienced wedding photographer.  If you are trying for your big break in modeling, a fashion photographer is going to be able to do the job for you just fine. Graduation pictures, family portraits and Christmas cards can all be done in a studio or by a photographer that specializes in family photos.  Boudoir photography is no different. But for some reason it is the one niche that people book a “jack of all trades” photographer for, when in fact, it is the most important genre to find a photographer that specializes ONLY in boudoir.


A lot of women scour the internet looking for the best looking photos and book that photographer, based on nothing else but loving their work. Now, of course loving your photographers’ work is extremely important, there are so many other factors that should be going in to CHOOSING THE ONE photographer that is right for YOU, not just loving their images.

  • Personality– The first thing you should do is go to the photographers’ website, and check out pages such as “About me”. I have a HUGE tip for you that some won’t agree with; If the “About Me” page is all about how the photographer grew up with a camera in their hands and they love bringing joy to their clients and it’s whimsical, magical, yada yada yada… this is telling you NOTHING truthful and honest about your photographer.
    Look for “About Me” sections that are honest, and talk about who your photographer is as a person, not as a person with a camera. Make sure it’s different and interesting. Because I guarantee you that for every 100 photographer’s “About Me” sections you read only 1 will sound unique and have it’s own voice that doesn’t get muffled by the rest of the photographer’s whose grandpa’s passed down their camera to them at 5 years old.
  • Experience– I used to hate this word. When I was first starting out, I would always want to pull my hair out and be like “NOBODY IS HIRING ME BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE EXPERIENCE, BUT I CAN’T GET EXPERIENCE WITHOUT PEOPLE HIRING ME!”
    Trust me… it’s frustrating.
    BUT, I will say, with Boudoir Photography especially, please do NOT book a photographer with little to no experience.
    This is a very intimate, sensitive and private experience, and you do not want to be working with a photographer who doesn’t know how to flatter your body, help you choose outfits, has no contract, doesn’t know what they are doing.
    The most important thing between you and your photographer is complete and utter TRUST.
  • Testimonials– Okay, every photographer can pick and choose the best testimonials to post on their website… obviously they aren’t going to post okay, to not so great reviews on purpose if they can help it… so it’s super important to find a third party website or app that your photographer has real and genuine reviews, such as Yelp. If they don’t have a yelp, that doesn’t necessarily mean they suck or that they aren’t experienced, but a wonderful photographer has nothing to hide, because they are confident in their skills and experience.


Each photographer will be different in where your session will take place. Just because they shoot out of their own home, doesn’t mean they are unprofessional and not experienced.
I shot out of my own apartment for 4 years, and I never had a client be uncomfortable or unwilling to come to their session because of this.


Because I have all 5 star reviews to back up my legitimacy, I am involved in all steps of your experience, and I create trust with each of my clients.
But, this doesn’t mean that all photographers that shoot out of their home are trust-worthy and professional.

Be very careful, and do your research on where they shoot out of. If you love everything about them, but they shoot out of their home, it’s important to listen to your inner voice and figure out where your comfort level lies.


It’s more important than you know to do your research on photographers. To recap, the most important things to pick up on in choosing your boudoir photographer are; Trust, Experience, Testimonials, and Personality.

The best thing you can do, once you find your photographer, is to trust what your photographer tells you so that you can get the results you really want.  From wardrobe choices to positioning you for different shots, your photographer will know what that camera is going to capture and how it will look. We look in a mirror and we turn from side to side finding that reflection that we like best. So we do this little positioning dance in front of the mirror, never really seeing our whole self. Well, a really good Boudoir photographer is not bound by our image of ourselves and her camera is not a one-dimensional mirror. In Boudoir, sometimes those features we try to hide, or the positions we think will look all wrong, are the very ones that we fall in love with. Don’t be afraid to cooperate fully with your photographer, and give your back that little extra arch you didn’t know you could. Because when you trust your photographer, magical things happen.

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