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Why you DON’T need confidence to book your Boudoir Experience | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

November 13, 2019

When she walked in the door she paused, and for a second, I truly thought she was going to faint. My beautiful client had just walked in to her long awaited boudoir experience and she just froze.
I met her in person for the first time at our Grand Opening Party for the new studio back in January 2019 and I remember her being so lively, extroverted, excited, all of the above.

But when we got to talking at the party, she told me on the outside she looks confident, but on the inside, she’s struggling. She told me that she will “one day” book her session, but she needs to find her confidence first, and I just stopped her with a “skkkkkkrrrrrrr, rewind, and pause.”

I told her that the only thing that needs finding is a new mindset.
I explained to her that one of the most common misconceptions is that confidence needs to be obtained BEFORE booking this life changing experience.

First we need to determine WHY you aren’t feeling confident enough.
Is it body image? Is it not feeling confident in the photographer you are looking into? Is it fear of judgement?

Once we determine what is stopping you from feeling confident, we can understand more why you think you need to be a completely confident woman in order to book a life changing experience such as Boudoir.

Sometimes boudoir is misconstrued. Sometimes women think Boudoir is there to show off your body, flaunt what your mama gave you, and turn on other people.
This couldn’t be FURTHER from the damn truth.

Boudoir is about LEARNING to love yourself and your body for exactly how it is in this moment. PERIOD.
Basically Boudoir is the stepping stone to planting the seed of self love, and allowing it to grow and blossom.

There is only one thing you actually need in order to book your session… determination. Even a moment of it.
Determination to WANT to push forward with an experience that scares you.
Determination to WANT to change your mindset and heal your outlook on yourself.
Determination to change your life.

If you have that, you are ready to book.

Don’t forget, confidence isn’t something you need before hand, it’s something you DISCOVER during your boudoir experience. I promise you that.

So at the end of my client’s shoot, I noticed that she was walking with a pep in her step, and her head held high. Her friends, since then, have contacted me and have told me that she has been so much more confident since her shoot and she’s like a brand new woman!

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