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What Goes on Behind the Scenes | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

November 8, 2019

We have all seen the finished product of a Boudoir shoot; the stunning photos, the beautiful rooms, the sultry videos.  What you don’t see, is everything that goes on behind the scenes to prepare the studio and the Boudie Babes for the experience that lies ahead. You also don’t see a lot of the random dance moves, panic because I forgot to put on my eyebrows, and the oh so common “but where is my laptop charger?!”

From the moment a date is decided and the shoot is booked, the preparations begin. There is a lot of effort put into each experience by the photographer, and the team to make sure that each session is specially catered to each babe that walks through our door (elevator? … elevator).


The ball gets rolling with the completion of the client contract.  This is where you will select the exact experience they want. Everything is laid out in advance including the number of outfits desired, any add-ons, additional rooms and the date the shoot will take place.


The questionnaire is an important way for us to get to know you better before your shoot, so I know whether or not to act weird or act cool. Your answers provide us with insight into your expectations of your shoot and of your specific preferences, sizes, and your reasons. We use this information as we prepare the studio and the team for YOU. (Because YOU are the queeeeeen)


Before you arrive the morning of the shoot, we meet with the hair stylist and make-up artist to discuss the preferences in the questionnaire.  Whether you want an edgy, dramatic look or a more subtle approach, we make sure everyone is already coached on the expectations. When you sit down for hair & makeup the girls will also have a mini consult with you about the overall look to make sure you haven’t changed your mind about the direction! This happens all before you arrive, and we have a mini dance party all 4 of us first to get us all set and ready for you.


Using the questionnaire as a guideline, myself and my studio manager (my sistaaaa) preps the “Boudie Closet” with special attention to outfits in the size and styles preferred by you. We have over 400 pieces of lingerie, some tops, and so many body harnesses to choose from… I mean, it’s a dream closet. You will have full access to this closet to try on and borrow from if you so choose! We do require you to bring in your own options as well so we are fully prepared!


Before you even come into the studio, we arrive at least an hour early to get everything ready and create the mood (bow chicka wow wow)

  • Set Air Conditioner (Yes, even on cold days, because… NIPS.)
  • Light the Candles (Because they smell delicious… duh.)
  • Get some music going (“Let’s get it onnnn” – just kidding)
  • Prep the exits so you can’t escape (Code for we make sure the elevator to our floor is locked once you are here so no creepers walk in)
  • Change the sheets to brand new ones, vacuum, move furniture, lay down on the couch from exhaustion from moving the furniture, then back up to make some coffee, forget what I was doing, then finally get our cameras prepped.

Once you pop into the studio, we attack you with hugs, ask if you want water, or need to use the restroom, take your stuff to our Boudie Closet then introduce you to our hair & makeup girls! Our goal at this point is clear: Create the atmosphere that will make you feel at ease, the look that you envisioned for yourself, and a Boudoir experience that you will remember forever! Because honestly, your life will be changed, because we are all just that awesome and you are the star of the show 😉

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