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How will YOU display your photographs? | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

December 11, 2020

How do you want to feel when you see your photographs?
Do you want to see yourself hanging up on the wall – a daily reminder of how beautiful you are and how your life changed that day?
Or maybe you want to flip through the solid pages of your album to reminisce?
Or you might love the feeling of flipping through loose prints that are housed by a beautiful hand crafted wooden heirloom box.

Regardless of which of our luxury products speak to you, I would like to walk you through all of our options so you can begin to think about exactly how you want to display your photographs after your session!


We have two different lines of our beautiful leather bound albums; The Luxury Line & The Opulent Line.
Both have the highest of quality in mind, and they display your images in a leather bound hand stitched book on archival hard pages. There is no better way to tell the story of your day in the studio with us than choosing an album within your product order.


Whether you choose our dainty and delicate copper trimmed Glass Box or our rustic hand carved Heirloom Box – you can’t go wrong with either, because they come with ALL your final images inside, displayed on 4×6 luxury prints.


For the woman who wants to remind herself every single day of how incredible she is, this is for her.
There is no other feeling quite like seeing yourself displayed as art. You find a new appreciation for your body and for yourself.
Our Metals are not like canvas, they are better. Metals are printed directly onto aluminum which in turn allows for the colors to really pop, and since they are not a cloth material, they can be displayed in rooms which have moisture, such as bathrooms!


Although it is another box, this one has something special to offer…
Our 8×10 Glass Copper Box holds your choice of 12 or 30 of your favorite images in a 5×7 luxury print format inside a white mat which are ready for framing if you choose.
We call this our dual product because you can leave them displayed in the Copper Box or hang them up in frames on the wall to make a beautiful wall collage.

These are just a few of the amazing options we have for your products.

Remember, we are in a new time right now;  one that allows self acceptance and self love as not only desirable but healthy.  We’ve come a long way babe and we’ve worked real hard to reshape the way we see ourselves.  There is no right and wrong with how and where to display your photos.   There’s only what you do and what you don’t do.  You are the only judge and there is no jury.

So tell me in the comments below… which products are your favorite?!

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