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Judgement & Backlash from Family | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

August 14, 2020

So, you’re ready to book your shoot.  Maybe you’ve saved up, took advantage of the boudie bank, and picked a date that works well with your busy schedule.  So what’s next?  You have time to wait and get excited thinking about what outfits you are going to wear, how you will want your hair and make-up done, and just, in general, contemplating how the shoot will be going down.  

If you are anything like me, you‘ll be anxious to tell your friends about what you are planning.  Maybe you show them the photographer website, read up on some blogs, and maybe even put up some Instagram posts of your own.  Well, that is really satisfying, because your friends all know what Boudoir photography is.  You don’t have to explain it all to them.  Perhaps some of your friends have had a Boudoir shoot of their own.  They will definitely know what you are talking about.  You’re not speaking a foreign language to them.

Nothing is better than getting all ramped up , looking forward to a special planned event, especially one so personal and intimate as this.

And then you tell your family or your family finds out. When it comes to family, there will likely be mixed reactions. The younger family members will likely support your decision and be excited along with you.  They will want to hear all about the whole process.  They’ll want to know where you are having your shoot, who the photographer is, and what all is involved. 

Be prepared though for any older parents , aunts and uncles not necessarily understanding what boudoir photography is and some may even feel like it’s a cry for attention.  I remember when my Grandma (whom I have no relationship with) found out what I did. She basically through the Bible at me.

If some backlash occurs, which I know for some of my clients it has, please remember WHY you booked your session in the first place. You booked it because you want to reconnect with your body, and learn to love her for all of her glory. You are not doing boudoir to gloat, or to show off, and frankly, you shouldn’t be doing it for anybody but YOURSELF.

There are some people that will never understand why Boudoir Photography is so empowering and why women dive in head first.

You just need to stand tall, keep your head up, and remember the reason for your session. If you do those things, nobody’s negative opinion matters.

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