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5 Ways to Stay Sane During this Crazy Time | Orange County Boudoir Photography

March 27, 2020

Let’s be real for a minute… it’s a weird time right now.
There is uncertainty in the air, and many of us are practicing social distancing and staying locked in our homes.
But come on, it may have been fun for the first 2-3 days, but now, over a week into quarantine – it’s turning out to be a depressing nightmare.

If you are anything like me, you are going stir crazy, and almost pulling your hair out wondering when it will be safe for all of us to get back to our “normal”.  What I have done for the last few days that have really helped me not fall into a dark place is create a list of things to do each and every day… Here are 5 things you can do during this lockdown to keep you from going insane;

1. Cleaning & Organizing your closet.

This is a great one for the extra time we have right now.  I try not to limit it to just the closet, which is always the easiest for me to tackle because everything is more at eye level.  Look down at the shoes and across at the chest of drawers. It always amazes me how hard it is to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear (sometimes have never worn).  In the back of my mind I think to myself, maybe……. So, I’m trying this on for size; if I haven’t worn it or looked for it for 6 months, it’s time to give someone else a crack at it.  Whether you give them to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or someone you know, the main thing is they are out of your closet. Now you have room for all the new clothes and shoes you will be eyeing on Amazon with all of the spare time you have!

2. Treat Yo’self

This could mean a variety of things, but for me, pampering myself looks a little like this:
• Taking a nice long bubble bath with a glass of my favorite wine, and my current book I’m reading.
• At home face mask / skin care
• Getting a massage from your boo
• Journaling
• Taking a nap whenever you feel like it
• At home mani/ pedi
• Read a new book
• Take some boudoir selfies! 😉

3. Take up gardening

If you live in a single family home with a yard, this one is a no-brainer.  You can still be safe by maintaining your distance while getting some well needed outdoor time.  If you live in an apartment, consider making a window planter, or dressing up your balcony or patio.  It is important to not be looking at the same four walls all of the time. Even for home bodies a change of pace can brighten your outlook.  Pick some flowers or shrubs to plant, or just turn some topsoil and make your yard look manicured!

4. Work on a new project

Find yourself bored to tears? Why not figure out a new project? My project of choice is to set up my new welcome table for my apartment hallway that I bought. Although I’m not handy what-so-ever, I’ll probably end up giving up and watching Killian put it together, I can still say I tried!
But really, a new project can be learning to knit, painting something on a canvas, coming up with new and interesting recipes, hang up those family portraits that are still sitting on the floor waiting to be hung up, etc!

5. Go outside

You heard me… go outside. You can still be outside and maintain a safe distance. But it’s so important right now to get some sunshine and fresh air. Go for a short walk or jog. Soak up the rays, and just make sure you wash your hands when you get home!

No matter what you decide to do with the time that you have to fill, make sure there is something for you to enjoy.  It is a nice to feel like we are accomplishing something, but it is also a great idea to do something for yourself at home that you never dreamed you would have the time to do.  Be creative; think outside the box you are in. I am sure you will come up with some great ideas all your own!

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