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So what’s up with these Boudie Films? | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

January 10, 2020

Okay babes, it’s the new year… 2020.
Which means it’s time to update, set goals, work asses off and prep for a whole new year of surprises!
Every year, I start to bring my new ideas into play, and start launching some awesome new things for the new year!
One of the add ons that have consistently became more and more popular are our Boudie Films – let’s just say they are flying off the racks, so to speak!

WHY a Boudie Film?

Boudie Films are something completely out of the ordinary.
We are still one of the only studios that offers these unique “commercial” of YOU.
It’s time for you to SHINE, and why not do that by doing something completely different and unexpected. You’ll have your film on repeat, trust me 😉

I’m scared

Shooting the video is not that much different from the photos process.  By the time we start shooting video, you’ve already done the photos so you know a lot of the poses already.   Instead of a single shutter click, we capture a series of 10-20 second “clips”. Warning: This will require you to move, and that’s the fun part! The good news is, it’s EASY, because we give you a movement to do so you aren’t just awkwardly sitting there not knowing how to be sexy, remember, that’s OUR job, not yours.

What’s so great about the films anyway?

Have you ever looked at your best friend, sister, mom, etc. and just watched them BE?
Have you seen them smile their unique smile, or laugh in their way that they do when they hear something way beyond funny?
Do you look at your partner and see all of the qualities that make them, THEM?
Their quirks, their movements, their subtle mannerisms?
That’s what films capture.
You, in your purest form, in movement.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get chatting so we can set you up with your life changing experience!

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