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April 12, 2019

A question that gets tossed at me a couple times a week is, “Alyssa, what do people normally DO with these photos after the shoot?”
The answer is rather simple. We have a variety of curated products that house your beautiful images that speak to each person. For most women, they find that multiple products speak to them and they go for one of our incredible packages that come with a few options.

The fact of the matter is, these photos are never intended to be hidden. Show yourself, show the world, or share with your family. Yes, share your boudoir photographs with your family. Hang them in the house, teach your children that it is good to love yourself.

So what are the options to choose from?

The Elite package shown here features all of these amazing products.

Let’s go through one by one and discuss each product in all of it’s glory.

The Heirloom Box.

Our beautiful hand crafted, hand carved, hand stained Heirloom Boxes are here to provide a masculine and rustic feel to the home of your 4×6 fine art archival prints. This beauty holds ALL of your final photographs from your session. It also comes with five stain options to choose from to further customize your box.

Sable; which is a dark, almost black wood stain.
Caraway; which is the medium brown wood stain.
Thistle; which is right in the middle of our light and dark woods.
Cove; which is our most natural wood feel which still has a more brown undertone.
Slate; Our most popular stain which has a gray undertone.

The crystal USB.

The crystal USB hold your incredible Boudie Film with 4 GB of space. If you did not do a Boudie Film, then it turn into your Slideshow! (Think of it as a cinematic take on your photographs!)

The Viewfinder.

Our fun Viewfinder, nostalgic and retro, except now, a bit more adult. Pick seven of your favorite photos for one reel, and add on extra reels for fun.

The Glass Box.

Our Glass Box is truly one of a kind, the beautiful hand made box with a rose gold or regular gold finish houses ALL of your 4×6 fine art prints on archival paper. As the prints sit loose in the box, they are finished and topped off with a box to tie the aesthetic all together.

The Opulent Album.
Inside view of The Opulent Album.
Side View of The Opulent Album.

Our beautiful hand sewn albums will wow you with their weight, structure, and magnificent beauty. With a UV coating and the pages being smudge and fingerprint proof, this bad boy will last you 2-3 generations. The size displayed is our largest at 12×12.

Metal Wall Portraits.

Our Metal Wall Portraits are 10 million times more durable that canvas, and more elegant and they are definitely statement pieces as well. They have a beautiful reflective finish and they are float mounts so they will have a gorgeous shadow box so they look like they just came out of a gallery. Easy to hang, and lightweight. Comes in a variety of sizes, our newest, which is not shown is our gallery size of 40×60!
Shown in the photo from left to right is our 30×40, then our 24×36, then 20×30, then 16×24, and the smaller one of the chair in the corner is our 12×18.


Y’all know how I feel about Polaroids… I’m obsessed. Because these mini polaroids are the perfect wallet size fit, so when you are having a bad day, you can whip them out and remind yourself of the strong and powerful goddess that you are. They come only in packages so keep that in mind! Whichever package you decide on will tell you how many polaroids come in it.

The Digital Gallery.

Our Digital Gallery, delivered via your own online gallery is a great format to have your photographs in just in case you want to send them to people, or have backups as well.

Our wood stands are PERFECT for desk prints and nightstands. Why not have an amazing reminder at your desk to motivate you to do your best throughout the day. I know I do this with my own photos, and it invigorates me every time.

The Everlasting Package.

Another major question that I always get is “Alyssa, which package is the most popular? What do most women get?”
The answer is nine out of ten women opt for The Elite Package or The Select Package being our most popular. Both of these packages come with a variety of products that you just have to have, including polaroids, The full Digital Gallery, Album, Box, Viewfinder, Metal options!

Which products are your favorites? Tell me in the comments!

If you are ready for more information on your own Boudoir Experience, email me at photographybyalyssamichelle@gmail.com or use the contact form https://photographybyalyssamichelle.com/contact

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