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The breakdown of the full Experience | Orange County Women’s Intimate Portraiture & Boudoir Photographer

April 26, 2019

I know when you receive the email with all of the information, it can be a little overwhelming and, to some, a bit confusing if skimming and not fully focused on reading the full details.
I’m here today to break down the step by step process to hopefully make it as clear as day!

No 1; Choose your Experience
You decide on which Experience you would like to book that best fits what you want!
We Offer The Boudoir Experience, The Goddess Experience, The Luxury Experience or The Ultimate Experience.
You can find their descriptions, and what you would receive in each HERE.

You can choose to do one of the two options for payments;
One; Pay in full
Two; Take advantage of our in house payment plan option

Each Experience has their own option of payment plans, you can find that in the link above, listed under each Experience.

No 2; The Prepping
Once you are booked in the calendar and either made your first payment for your Experience or paid in full for your Experience, now is the planning process.

We send you The Boudie Prep Guide, which will take you through what to do to prepare, the do’s and don’ts of wardrobe, where to shop for lingerie, and things to do to practice prepping.

Once your session comes closer, we send out a month before reminder with information, then a week before reminder, and then a day before reminder.

No 3; The Boudie Bank
You can choose during the prepping stage to take advantage of The Boudie Bank Plan if you wish. It’s basically your own virtual piggy bank to put money towards your product order when the time comes for your Image Reveal.
I’ll explain!

We will send you an invoice that you can make any type of payment towards to build up to put towards your products or product package that you choose at your Image Reveal. You do not need to know what you want yet, this is simply just to help you if you are on a tighter budget to space out your payments.

For The Boudie Bank, you choose the amount, and how often you want to pay. You are in complete control of your Boudie Bank.
So, for instance, let’s just say you want to put $300 in one month, and then next month you want to put in $20, that’s your choice!

You also can pay towards it as often as you wish, so one day you can make a payment, then two days from then, make another. Totally up to you!

No 4; The Reveal
So you’ve finished your Experience, and now it’s just a waiting game to come back and see your final photographs and make your product or package purchase!

This is the part where you will want to prep yourself financially. If you plan on going on a payment plan for your products/ package, you want to make sure you come ready with your first monthly payment (this number will depend on what you decide to get, so I suggest trying to prepare as much as you can for this!)

It’s totally normal and okay if you still don’t know which products or package you want to purchase by the time of your reveal. We go over all of your options in detail when you are here so you can make your decision!

If you choose to take advantage of the Payment Plan option, your first payment will be due at your reveal, regardless of the amount in your Boudie Bank. (Unless of course you fully paid off your product purchase through your Boudie Bank, in which case you wouldn’t owe anything!)

If you decide you would rather purchase your products in full, your full payment is due at your reveal.

No 5; The Pickup / Shipping´╗┐
When your payments are fully paid off for your product or package order, then we start working on creating your beautiful items.
This could take anywhere between 3-6 weeks since most of our products are hand-made.

Once they are ready to go to it’s new home back with you, we will email you to set up a pickup time, or you can opt for shipping for a shipping fee.

Hopefully this breakdown helped to fully understand the process and helped answer some questions!
If you are ready to book your experience, email me at: photographybyalyssamichelle@gmail.com or use the contact form!

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