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Five ways to prep for your Boudoir Experience | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

February 28, 2019

Booking your session can be very exciting, and nerve-wracking at the same time. Let me help make the process easier on your by telling you the top 5 ways to prep for your own session with us!


No. 1: STRETCH. 

I know how silly this might sound, but it’s EXTREMELY important to stretch starting 2-3 weeks prior to your experience. Why? Because it’s a workout! It’s holding poses for a longer period of time, it’s focusing on pointing your toes, breathing, and arching.

Now the reason as to why we want to stretch – the more you can arch your back, the better it looks in photos. So work on those back stretches! Also, it will help with your after session soreness. 98% of our clients tell us that they are so sore the next day that their movements were restricted! So just do it, I believe in you!

No. 2: Try on your lingerie/ outfits that you plan to bring.

Now, I know this seems like a given, but we do have clients every once in a while come in not having tried on their outfits before hand. Maybe they ordered them online and they came in the day before and there was no time, but make sure that you order as early as possible to ensure you have the time to find the right pieces!

This gives you enough time just in case the size is incorrect to exchange it for your session.

Don’t forget that we do have a Client Boudie Closet for you to fall back on if you aren’t in love with the choices you brought, but that doesn’t mean don’t bring anything to your session – you are required to bring a few outfits from home that you think will work for your session. Reason is because we never want you to come unprepared and then not love anything in our closet, and then you are at a loss! But no stress, we will rock your birthday suit in case we don’t love anything 😉

No. 3: Talk to yourself.

I mean this quite literally. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror every morning a week before your session and tell yourself out loud what you love about yourself. No negative thoughts, no putting yourself down. Just love. I know many women skip this step because they think it’s stupid, but I promise you that this will build up your courage and bravery and will make you more prepared for this experience. You will feel like you are ready to dive in because you’ve pumped yourself up!

No. 4: Grooming. 

Okay babes, something that is SUPER important… listen close… THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO TRY SOMETHING NEW.

Do NOT go get a brand new different style haircut.

Do NOT go trimming and shaving your girl a brand new way that you’ve never tried.

Do NOT go get waxed if you have never been waxed before.

Do your normal routine, because YOU are beautiful just how you are, and it’s not about primping so make you not feel like you. Also, there is major potential for hating the new way you did your hair, or shaved or you have a reaction to the wax. Let just keep it simple babes!

No. 5: Trust me and my team.

Again, this may seem simple, but I know it’s hard to relinquish control and trust to someone you are just meeting. Although this might be the single most important thing you can do for your session. As long as you trust me, you are going to have an incredible experience and you are going to LOVE your photographs.

Not trusting me will result in stress, not just on the inside, but it will show in your photographs as well. Not trusting me looks like this:

  • Bringing in a ton of “inspiration” photos that you want to copy (this is a big NO from me.)
  • Not taking my advice on the outfits that we try on.
  • Questioning the posing I put you in. (Keep in mind, if you really don’t love a pose, there is no obligation to purchase that set of poses)
  • Trying to pose yourself. (Sometimes what we think will look good, will not translate it the way you want it to – I can see you and see what’s flattering, so trust me!)

There you have it babes, the top 5 tips for prepping for your Boudoir Experience!

If you are ready to book your session or receive more information on your own shoot, email me at photographybyalyssamichelle@gmail.com

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