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November 24, 2017

Life is the most beautiful thing we will ever be given. We are able to do with it what we please and include those we want to take along in our journeys. However, there is no doubt that sometimes life can get a little down. In these low moments, there is nothing more important than those you surround yourself with; your support system.

A support system by definition is, “a network of people who provide an individual with practical or emotional support.” For some, a support system can be their close family or friends, while for others it can be someone they’ve never met online or a furry friend. Whoever you choose to be in this small circle, it’s important that you trust and can be vulnerable with them.

These people are hand chosen by us, and in times of need, our support system can be used in a variety of ways. Whether we are facing mental, physical, financial, or even emotional struggles, these are the people that become the ones that we trust to lean on to help get us through our hard times.

There are many “jobs” we can put onto our support systems. I know that each of us have called up a girlfriend after a long day and just vented about all the chaos around us. We’ve met up with our mother or sister when were going through a rough patch in our relationships. We call our brothers when we need to pick up something hefty from Home Depot, or our guy friends just to accompany us while getting something off Craigslist. Whatever your needs are, these people fill them. They are the first people we call when we need help, of ANY kind. These are the people we hold closest to our hearts.

When we are making a huge decision, we go to our support system for just that, support. We want their opinions and ultimately their blessing.

While Boudoir is about you and your experience, it’s normal for you to want your system to lift you up and support your decision. Which they should. Boudoir is here to open your eyes to your true beauty. It will show you how courageous you are, and paves the journey to true self love and appreciation. Your support system should want the personal rewards for you. They should want you to see yourself in the best light possible and to spend the time pampering yourself.

Most people don’t understand Boudoir and what it truly is. Many think it is about dressing sexy and having provocative pictures. Although at the end of your experience you will have sexy photographs of yourself to cherish for years to come, that is not all Boudoir is about.

Boudoir is about you. It is here to show you how strong you are by doing something for yourself. How vulnerable you can be by exposing yourself, “flaws” and all. How gorgeous you are right here in the now. You will leave this experience completely changed. You WILL be a new woman. You will feel a new surge of confidence, and you will start to embrace and love every inch of you. THAT is what your support system will love to see. You flourishing and embracing the person they love.

So know that these people you hold close, your support system, will love and encourage you after your shoot. If they do not understand it in the beginning, answer their questions, show them the stories of all these other women who have had their lives changed, and express to them your desire to accept yourself. If they still have reservation, I promise you, after they see the change in YOU they will be overcome with happiness. Although they may not necessarily agree with the action, they will love the new and improved you. They will appreciate you valuing yourself and embracing your body.

Take the leap. Let your support system lift you up. And if they can’t in the beginning, show them your courage and strength. Embrace yourself; their support will follow. After your self love beams, let them fall in love with the new you.

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