Women's intimate portraiture

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"My name is Mae Angela. I have two first names, but I go by either one. Sometimes Mae, other times
Angela, but I love both! :) I am 27 years old. Currently, I work as a purchasing agent for a global
telecommunications company. I booked my session with Alyssa Michelle simply because I needed to. I
felt like I was on my last 20 miles with my tank on “E”. I lost my confidence along the journey and
hardships of life. I wanted to experience the beauty of self-love like all the past Boudie babes radiated at
the Grand Opening of Alyssa Michelle’s Studio.

After college, I was a career-explorer going from job to job, industry to industry in search of my life’s
purpose/calling. In about 7 years, I had worked in sales/marketing, education, healthcare, fashion, and
finance. During one of my career explorations, I was sexually harassed on the job and never in my life
had I ever felt so violated. It took a mental toll on me and not long after, I began to dress and act
differently; covering up because I didn’t want to be looked at or be too revealing. I was uncomfortable in
my own skin and under a lot of stress, but thankfully, I found a new job and left that position.

I believe that all experiences work for my good. The lessons that I take from each of them, I use to
encourage others to be strong, face their fears, and live their best. One thing I have learned is that in
order to receive, we must release. Alyssa Michelle’s Boudoir Experience has helped me to release the
pain of my past, regain self-confidence, and discover self-love. Walking into my image reveal, I literally
got so lightheaded. I could not believe the woman on the photos was me! The real me. A beautiful,
confident, sexy me! I am so grateful to have found what I have been praying for and I cannot thank
Alyssa Michelle, Amy, and the team enough! Thank you so much! These photos remind me that I am
enough. I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am loved and so are you!"