Women's intimate portraiture

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"Hello, ladies! I’m Jamie, I’m 27, I work as a Finance Coordinator, I’m currently going to school, and I also write a blog on the side when there’s free time. My journey leading up to meeting Alyssa and her team has been a rocky one. I met a boy at 18, was engaged at 20, married at 21, and divorced at 24. Those six years were full of happiness, joy, and fun; they were also full of tears, fear, and anxiety. Little did I know through those six years, I was slowly turning into someone that was a shell of myself. I hadn’t talked with my friends, family, or coworkers about what was going on behind closed doors in fear that I would let his secret out of the bag and everyone would know that there were big, big problems. 

After leaving at 24, a new self-discovery journey started. I had no idea that I was carrying around this huge bag of self-doubt until little things came up. Suddenly, I had no confidence, I’d look in the mirror and not feel pretty. I’d tend to say sorry a lot when it wasn’t my fault. I had carried around this heavy, big bag on my shoulders and I had no idea! 

Fast forward a couple years in my self-love journey and along comes Alyssa’s Facebook group. These ladies looked fierce, confident, bold, and self-assured. I knew instantly that one day I’d meet Alyssa and get my photos taken. After months of stalking her website and social media pages I took the plunge to email and set up a date, the day after my golden birthday, I was turning 27 on the 27th so I thought “what a perfect way to start off my golden year!”. I’m so glad I did! Alyssa, Amy, and the beauty team made me feel comfortable, welcome, and beautiful!  

I loved being dolled up, doing the shoot, and feeling empowered. The best part though? The Image Reveal! I was in awe, everything that I had feared I would see in the pictures wasn’t there. All my insecurities weren’t in the pictures, but how? As women, we view ourselves so much harsher than anyone else sees us. We see a bump there, or a crease over there, our negative mental thoughts take over and slowly we no longer see beauty. Sometimes we need to see ourselves from a different perspective, for me it was through Alyssa’s lens that made me take a leap forward in my self-love journey. 

This journey has been a process of growth in finding freedom, finding beauty, and finding passion for myself! So, I encourage each of you to contact Alyssa, get information, plan your shoot, and do it! Maybe you need to see your beauty from a different perspective to jumpstart your own journey."