Women's intimate portraiture

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"Hi! My name is Amanda aka "Mermanda" and I am a health and fitness entrepreneur by day, mermaid by night :) I first heard about boudoir photo shoots and Alyssa Michelle’s Photography Studio when my little raved (and I mean RAVED!) about her experience. We are both actors, so photoshoots- whether they be headshots, production shots, lifestyle shots- were always exciting to me, but the whole concept of a “lingerie” shoot only made me think of the comments people would make or judgements people would pass. 
Fast forward to a little over a year ago, this opportunity popped back into my head when I brainstormed anniversary ideas for the man I thought I would marry. I was all set to book the shoot, but then life threw me a curveball which completely spiraled out of control. I have been suffering from major depression since I was 18, resulting in worsening anxiety as the years and tumultuous experiences piled up, and I suddenly found myself waking up one morning after what I had thought was a successful attempt at committing suicide. Let me tell you, there is something SO terrifying and incredibly eerie about waking up with such intense thoughts and actions in your immediate memory. And when I did, I knew this was an opportunity to create a new reality for myself. An EMPOWERED reality. 
I got back on the road, hit the ground running with health, fitness, and personal development, and remembered this opportunity: an experience solely for YOU to celebrate your worth, your sparkle, and your beauty. I instantly emailed Alyssa requesting her availability and as fate would have it, one of the dates was my ex-boyfriend’s birthday. Might I add, this ex-boyfriend thought HE could decide what to do with MY body and, unbeknownst to me then, triggered a lot of scars that would need much more healing than simply time. So, this was a CLEAR sign for me that I was meant to do this. And if that wasn’t enough, I have a 7-year old pug whom I adore so anytime I see a pug while I’m traveling or out, it’s a good omen. Not only did I see one pug before my photoshoot, I saw TWO pugs. How’s THAT for meant to be?! ;) 
After experiencing this magical opportunity that Alyssa and her INCREDIBLE team provide, I knew it was all happening for a reason. Something I have learned in business of acting is to trust the process. Even if it seems like what you are doing is going unnoticed, not making a difference, or just silly, TRUST it. While we often wonders if we will look awkward in our photos or if there will even be any usable film, we have the ability to experience a completely new and unique part of ourselves! When we step into our boudoir experience, we leave a world of insecurity behind as we leap full force into a world of empowerment and self-love. It is said that growth begins outside of your comfort zone, so why not step into a magical opportunity to see your truly perfectly imperfect MASTERPIECE of a human being? 
Now, I am reminded of what it means to TRUST the process. NOW, I remember what it means to feel comfortable in my own skin. Now, I remember that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I AM ENOUGH. And that feeling, that constant reminder of being exactly where and what I am supposed to be, THAT is priceless. <3 "