Women's intimate portraiture

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"Hey Everyone, my name's Madison Murchison (I also go by Maddi.) I'm 22 years old and I work as a Gas Utility Worker for PG&E in Northern California. I pretty much dig holes and work on the underground gas lines all over the state, but mainly Sacramento. Since I was very young I had struggled with weight issues and bullying. I hated myself in every aspect, and was depressed because I didn't look like all of the other girls. I can hands down say that my experience with Alyssa has been the most life changing, and uplifting thing I've ever done.
     I have to give huge thanks, and credit to my little sister Paige for pushing me to do a boudoir shoot. Her best friend had done one, and afterwards my sister insisted that I needed to book my own shoot immediately. I was very hesitant to book one. Not 3 days after my sister had told me I had to do a shoot, Alyssa's Instagram page started following me. I was in awe of the beautiful woman of all shapes and sizes. I'd seen that we had a mutual friend, which is one if her amazing makeup artists April, so I decided to ask her opinion on Alyssa. April ranted about how amazing and fun Alyssa is, and that I HAD to book a session with her. So, I took the leap of faith and sent my first email to Alyssa. 
     I had some reserves about boudoir. I feared that I wasn't pretty enough to take photos like the ones Alyssa take. I feared my body wasn't skinny enough to be sexy, or that my photos wouldn't look good in the end. I'd struggled with my self image for so lobg, that I didn't believe I was good enough for boudoir. But Alyssa kept telling me I was beautiful just the way I am, and they the things I hated about myself were my best qualities.
     I was absolutely terrified when the day of my session finally came. It's very hard for me to walk up and talk to someone on my own, so hard that sometimes I start having a panic attack. So imagine how hard it was for me to drive to her complex by myself, walk up the stairs to her studio, and ring the doorbell. But right after I mustered up the courage and rang the doorbell, Alyssa appeared with a huge smile on her face and gave me a huge hug that washed all of my anxiety away. I started being pampered from the moment I walked in her door. "Mama" April and "Little" did what they do best, and made me unrecognizable. I don't get to wear makeup or curl my hair, so when I saw myself I was in love. Alyssa walked me through every pose, and made me feel comfortable during the most uncomfortable times. 
      When I finally saw my photos I was blown away. I looked so beautiful, so confident, so empowered and free of all the hate that had weighed me down disappeared. Seeing my photos made me cry, though I'd told myself I wouldn't so I didn't mess up my amazingly beautiful makeup. I was so proud of myself for pushing past all of my fears, and with Alyssas help I am now proud to show people who I am through my photos. 
      I would tell any and all women to put their trust into Alyssa and her amazing team. I hated myself, I hated myself with every ounce of my being. But now, now I am proud of who I am. Every flaw I once had is now something I'm proud to show off to the world. Hell I was showing my pictures to random strangers at the mall not hours after my image reveal!! Trust me when I say that this life changing experience is worth more than I paid. I have finally loved myself for the first time in my life, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I cannot that Alyssa and her team enough for everything they've done for me, and also for the love and support they gave me. I can't wait for my next sessions!"