Women's intimate portraiture

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First of all – hi! I’m Paige and I am currently studying
psychology and I am ….4? weeks from getting my masters (STUPID
EXCITING). I work as a waitress on the weekends and spend a lot of
my free time in the gym, hiking, or shopping (lets be honest). I moved
to California 5 years ago and actually discovered Alyssa’s Instagram
over two years ago. I sent an email on 4/23/15 applying to model for
her only to realize I needed to be 23 *sad face*. That obviously didn’t
stop me. Fast forward two years later and I finally committed – I had
seen the posts and the pictures and basically drooled every time she
had a new boudie babe – so I went for it and OMG am I happy that I
did. I originally wanted to do this for myself – but I am also in a long
distance relationship – so I really had that extra push to get into the
Booking the session was super easy – I also have a weird
schedule due to my job and school – so I was able to snag a great
appointment without having to wait. Showing up that Monday morning
I was pretty nervous. I had gotten my hair and makeup done as a
bridesmaid before but never for pictures like this – plus I had to get
naked (or at least partially naked) for people I had NEVER MET!
What?! This small town girl was sweatin! The minute I stepped into
Alyssa’s studio/home I felt so welcomed. Her team is AMAZING. I
had basically full say creatively – with some great inspiration and
some great advice from her team and before long I was made up and
ready to get my sexy on. I had some outfits that I chose for me –
things that I felt amazing in – but I also had a very unexpected and
very fun 3 rd outfit that absolutely blew me away (sometimes it’s those
last minute things that get thrown together that really surprise you).
The whole time Alyssa and her team were there to help and give
advice and make sure that my (very excited but also) spinning head
was pointed in the right direction.
The part that I expected to be the hardest…was actually the
easiest. Being in the room with Alyssa and her sister was an insane

experience – I had to reach out to Alyssa later that afternoon to *try*
and express my excitement and the high I was feeling just from the
whole experience. Like I said before – I have never felt so beautiful.
They both made me feel at home, they had me laughing until tears
were gathered in my eyes and the next minute I felt like the sexiest
girl to walk this earth. There really are no words to explain the
experience – you just have to be there and do it. I do know that as
excited as I am to see myself in this photos – my boyfriend is going to
be beside himself…I am having an extremely hard time keeping it a
secret! The hardest part ended up being the decision on what to buy
– all of the products are SO beautiful and SO thoughtful and you can
tell that there is a lot of time and effort that goes into every single
woman who walks into that studio and I can promise you that you will
walk out with an entirely new perspective on your body – whether it
be in its entirety or certain aspects – you will 100% discover a new
love for yourself.