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Five confidence boosting tips for your session | Orange County Boudoir Photographer | Women’s Intimate Portraiture

March 29, 2019

Booking your Boudoir Experience is terrifying for most women. Trust me, I know.

You are stepping so far our of your comfort zone and allowing a stranger to hold on to your confidence for a few hours. It’s nerve-wracking… but only because we build up this experience in our heads, and by the time we get there we have gone through every negative scenario to make the experience scary rather than fun as shit.

We’ve seen every type of client as they walk in to the studio; In tears, bawling, completely petrified, excited and giddy, so nervous their bodies are shaking, we have seen it all. We’ve even caught a few girls trying to run away before they knock on the door. Legit.

We are our own worst critics, this sentence will reign true for every single woman. We are so damn hard on ourselves, and truly feel like we need to constantly be chasing this idea of “perfection” that doesn’t exist.

Boudoir is here to show you that no matter how old, what size, what career, where you live, what ethnicity you are, what eye color you have, how many scars you’ve obtained that you are unique, a force to be reckoned with, and fucking BEAUTIFUL.

I have five tips to help you feel less nervous at your session, although, we know you will be nervous regardless and for the first 10 minutes at least, but I promise the nervousness does wear off.

ONE: Hold onto your “why”

Think of why you booked your session in the first place. Was is to reconnect with your body? Was it because you felt like your identity as an individual or a woman fallen by the wayside? Or is it because you know you deserve to treat yourself for once, instead of putting yourself and your mental health on the back burner?

Regardless of your “why”, I am here to fulfill it. I’m here to walk you through this experience and allow you to see yourself the way I see you.

TWO: Be honest

If you are nervous, know that’s it’s normal. Be honest with yourself in knowing that you are not the first terrified woman to be here. I’ve done this for 14 years, I have made every woman in the studio feel comfortable and beautiful just by simply allowing them to shine. Sometimes being honest with yourself and your fears takes away their power. Acknowledge fear, embrace it, accept it, and use it as fuel.

THREE: Understand that nobody expect you to know what you are doing

That’s literally why you are here. Because I teach you everything I want you to know about your session. I’m here to show you how to arch, how to bend, how to twist in ways that are not normal on a day to day basis. If I expected you to already know what you are doing, I would have been out of business a long ass time ago.

We are not here to judge you. We are here to celebrate you and all you need to do it watch, learn, and mimic until it becomes normal. I promise it’s easy.

FOUR: Be present over perfect

Since “perfect” doesn’t exist, let’s just squash that right there. There is no such thing as perfect. It’s unattainable for everyone. It’s not like everyone around you is perfect and you are still trying to figure it out. I know that maybe it feels like that sometimes, but I swear, we are all mistake making, imperfect humans.

When that applies to your Boudoir Experience, know that it’s normal and fine to not have it all together during your shoot. If you forgot to put deodorant on, I swear I’m not going to kick you out and tell you to come back when you are more prepared. In fact, I stock the studio with toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, tampons etc. Just in case we forgot something.

Your outfits as well, do not need to be perfect… why? Because I’m here to photograph YOU. Not your outfits. They are an accessory to an already beautiful canvas. So don’t stress if you accidentally snagged your stockings on the way here, or if you forgot to cut the tags out of everything. I’m here for you, sometimes the unexpected can turn into an asset. Plus, I’ve got you boo, with over 300+ lingerie pieces in the client closet, we’ve got you covered if something happens.

FIVE: You will leave the studio with a new perspective

This I promise you. You will leave with your head help a bit higher, more of a pep in your step, and a smile on your face. It’s hard not to. Because you just proved yourself wrong. You did it. You thought you couldn’t, but you did.

Just wait to see how you leave the studio after your Image Reveal, it’s life changing.


I think it’s time you schedule your session, email me at photographybyalyssamichelle@gmail.com or use the contact form to shoot us an email!

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