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“I could never do nude, I’m too squishy!” “I can’t hide if I’m nude!”“I’ve had kids, nude is definitely not something I can do!”“Nobody wants to see that”“Do I HAVE to be nude?” These are real life questions that clients have asked me. I want to start this off with one key thing: You are […]

“We were dressed and ready for bed when my dad arrived in a drunken rage. It’s funny how much your mind will block things out, but I remember him screaming and cursing at my mom.  We all rallied around her, because for some reason this night felt different than the others. It seemed more intense, […]

Many of the reasons why women book their boudoir photoshoot may surprise you. Although some women book their sessions to coincide with an event such as an upcoming wedding, anniversary or birthday, it is by far the most popular reason. The important thing to remember is no matter what the reason, there is never a […]

Did you know that you can customize your session with add ons? We have so many options that appeal to each babe that allow you to really pull out your personality in your session! Without further ado, our add on options for your sessions… Couples Shoots: Adding your partner to the shoot has become increasingly […]

Just as you would shop around for a new car to drive or a new dress to wear to an important wedding or party, attention to detail should be given to selecting your Boudoir Photographer.  The same rules apply. You want to make sure that the choice you make is the right one. Selecting the […]

As difficult as lingerie for women can be, it’s probably just as tough for the dudes to find the best “outfit” to wear for their Couples Boudoir Photoshoot. That’s why I’m here to break down the best wardrobe choices for men, and what NOT to bring. Spoiler alert, most likely the things you think will […]

As women, I think we inherently have more expectations for ourselves than do men.  To me, this is primarily because we have been programmed early in life, to strive to be everything to everyone.  We have this unattainable expectation that we can provide the right amount of balance in our lives to not only meet, […]

My first experience with boudoir photography was in February of this year.  My daughter is Alyssa Michelle of Photography by Alyssa Michelle.  She had been asking me to do a shoot with her for at least two years before I finally, reluctantly agreed.  At that time, I was 59 years old, since then I have […]

A few years ago, I looked down at my belly and it hit me, I could no longer see my full feet, I now can only see the tip top of my cute little toes. I remember that day – I cried, a lot. I felt like I was a failure. I sat there and […]

I used to think that Boudoir was all about taking pretty pictures. Looking back now, I am embarrassed to say such a naive statement. The further immersed I became in my work, the more I recognized the importance of celebrating one’s self, through a professional photoshoot experience. This realization has completely changed me, how I […]