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Change. It is one of the hardest parts of life. Usually when a change occurs it is forced; some event takes place and we realize that change is inevitable. Many of us fight the change, wanting to retreat back to the comforts of the known. However, to blossom and grow, we must accept and embrace […]

As we go through our walks of life, wandering the paths and hoping we are on the right one, we come to a point where we must decide whether to live for ourselves or for others. I came to this point right after my first traumatic battle with depression. It was a time in my […]

As 2018 is just beginning, I know many of us are holding tight to our new years resolutions. Usually, those resolutions include more. Drinking more water, journaling more, exercising more, etc. Every year we strive to be more, but for me, this year I’m striving to be enough. Now I know that sounds a little […]

As a photographer who solely focuses on women, I’ve noticed that people are becoming more accepting of female sexual empowerment and expression. More and more women are owning their sexuality and speaking out. Sometimes in a way that is considered risqué – but at least we are having conversations about it. You don’t necessarily need […]

One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words – Fred R Barnard This is a quote almost all of us has heard, and it holds so much truth. For generations, we have shared the joy of photographs. Looking back at our own baby pictures, seeing photos of our parents getting married, and seeing grandma and grandpa in […]

There comes a time in your life when you start to change the way you think about yourself. You start to recognize your strength. You start to see yourself as this incredibly strong and sexy woman. Unfortunately, it’s harder for some than for others to see these things. One woman might need many years to […]

In a world where media has shoved the importance of vanity down our throats, getting older can become stressful. Birthdays can lead to denial, breakdowns, and anxiety attacks. All of which I personally am guilty of. But why? Why are we so scared of owning these years we have survived? Age is one of the […]

Have you ever told someone that they were perfect? We don’t like to admit it, but all of us are in some way, guilty of simultaneously ignoring someone’s insecurities and complimenting them. I know I have. It’s unintentional, but it really does impact the person receiving these types of compliments. I know it does because […]

Growing up in a world where body image is so seemly important is difficult. From such a young age we are instilled with what we should be eating, wearing, doing, and how we should strive to look. For any young girl, this can be a near impossible road to figure out. And even as grown […]

Scars are things we carry with us from the moment we receive them. They don’t define us, but they are a part of us. They are our experiences and challenges displayed on our skin. They shape you into the beautiful woman that you are. Why be ashamed of them? Why hide them? There is no […]