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In boudoir, you may hear us talking about self-love quite often. We emphasize the importance of caring for yourself and doing what you need to do to be happy in your everyday life. We also want to emphasize the importance of taking care of your health. Not just your mind, but also your body. I […]

“Take care of yourself”, it’s something we hear often. Typically, we overlook this thinking “of course I take care of myself”; but do we? Taking care of ourselves can take on so many different meanings. For some it’s a change of diet for your health. For some it can be cutting out toxic people just […]

Insecurities. We all have them. We all let them control our way of thinking in some way. Whether or not we let them affect us positively or negatively is completely up to us as individuals. We need to start embracing our bodies as they are, because that’s the only sure thing we have in the […]

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.” – Joe Kravitz The meaning of the word “beautiful” has been contorted over the years. Society has molded us to believe that to be beautiful, we must fit into a certain box. That if we aren’t a certain size, with […]

When I feel the most alone, I am usually surrounded by people. I don’t feel the most alone when I am truly alone because I find comfort in solitude. I feel it when I am out of my comfort zone and in desperate need of something familiar. I’m not a big fan of change but […]

We are people of change. As we grow older, we are constantly changing. Our likes and dislikes change. Our opinions change. Our bodies change. Even our dreams change. Sometimes we can lose sight of the woman we were, and all the changes that we overcame to get to the woman we are now. Boudoir is […]

When is it the right time to choose to do something incredible for yourself? Is it after a break up? Or after you’ve hit a milestone? Perhaps. Although good reasons to give yourself an incredible opportunity to empower yourself, the answer from me is, no. The time to do something incredible for yourself is right […]

Change. It is one of the hardest parts of life. Usually when a change occurs it is forced; some event takes place and we realize that change is inevitable. Many of us fight the change, wanting to retreat back to the comforts of the known. However, to blossom and grow, we must accept and embrace […]

As we go through our walks of life, wandering the paths and hoping we are on the right one, we come to a point where we must decide whether to live for ourselves or for others. I came to this point right after my first traumatic battle with depression. It was a time in my […]

As 2018 is just beginning, I know many of us are holding tight to our new years resolutions. Usually, those resolutions include more. Drinking more water, journaling more, exercising more, etc. Every year we strive to be more, but for me, this year I’m striving to be enough. Now I know that sounds a little […]