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When she walked in the door she paused, and for a second, I truly thought she was going to faint. My beautiful client had just walked in to her long awaited boudoir experience and she just froze. I met her in person for the first time at our Grand Opening Party for the new studio […]

We have all seen the finished product of a Boudoir shoot; the stunning photos, the beautiful rooms, the sultry videos.  What you don’t see, is everything that goes on behind the scenes to prepare the studio and the Boudie Babes for the experience that lies ahead. You also don’t see a lot of the random […]

For our out of town clients, we are working hard on our full TRAVEL GUIDE! We wanted to show off a portion of the guide and some fun things to do while you are visiting!  Whether you are here for a mini vacation, or have only a day or two in our neck of the […]

I want to write to all of you lovely ladies out there that have been following the blog posts by Alyssa Michelle.  As you probably already know, she is my daughter and every now and then she asks me write a post or two when I feel that I have something to say.  Alyssa Michelle […]

ENCORE PERFORMANCE After thirteen years as a photographer, I have seen many of the same women come back again and again.  This is a more than a trend and there is more than one reason why these Babes are booking their second or third shoots.  For me, it is hugely rewarding to know that their […]

WHY DO WE HAVE TWO BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHERS? There are specific reasons behind everything we do at Photography by Alyssa Michelle.  We constantly strive to give our Babes the best experience we possibly can, down to the very last detail.  Some of the ways that we do this is by making sure our clients are pampered […]

My daughter Alyssa Michelle has been a Photographer for over 13 years, and a Boudoir Photographer for over 8 years.  She began her career as a wedding/fashion photographer before she finally found what she truly loves, Boudoir.  I have been her biggest supporter and fan every step of the way. I believe in what she […]

Boudoir is not limited to shooting a single person. Couples shoots are catching fire in the boudoir world. I cannot think of a better way to bring that special person in your life on board with the whole idea of Boudoir than by making them a part of the experience. One thing we strive for with […]

“I could never do nude, I’m too squishy!” “I can’t hide if I’m nude!”“I’ve had kids, nude is definitely not something I can do!”“Nobody wants to see that”“Do I HAVE to be nude?” These are real life questions that clients have asked me. I want to start this off with one key thing: You are […]

“We were dressed and ready for bed when my dad arrived in a drunken rage. It’s funny how much your mind will block things out, but I remember him screaming and cursing at my mom.  We all rallied around her, because for some reason this night felt different than the others. It seemed more intense, […]