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Abuse. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish tough love from abuse. Whether it is a relative telling us our photographs are disrespectful or a significant other putting us down for being sexy for ourselves, instead of for him/her, abuse is very real. The most important thing to me was figuring out how to get ahead […]

“To fully embrace your true self, to strip down to just your bare bones, that my dear, is worth everything.” – Alyssa Michelle Many woman come to the studio simply to regain themselves. They see a shoot as their last hope to start their journey of self love. And we are oh so happy to take […]

When I was younger I thought a strong woman was someone with a great deal of beauty. Although I now understand that beauty doesn’t have any standards, as a young girl I believed beauty to be very stereotypical. I believed that I was not beautiful because I didn’t look like any of the girls I […]

When booking your shoot, it’s normal to want it to be personalized and unique to you. There are so many little details that go into your day that there is no way it couldn’t be special! From the different choices of hair, makeup, and wardrobe, you’re already on your way to creating YOUR perfect shoot. […]

By definition, Boudoir means “a woman’s bedroom or private room”. Although this is a great representation of what boudoir is, it is not necessarily all that boudoir is. Boudoir is not simply a location. Boudoir cannot be found on a map.  Boudoir is that sacred place you hold dear to your heart that you run […]

Size. It’s something we all deal with on one level or another. Some days we feel confident and sexy, while others can lead to overthinking and determining our worth based on how big or small we are. We limit ourselves by our size and weight, thinking we’re incapable because we don’t look like “them”. We […]

When we need to do something for ourselves, we often stop ourselves. We hesitate to do something bold in fear of what our peers may think. It’s a reasonable fear. It’s okay to be afraid. We were all afraid at one point or another. The beauty of boudoir is that your fear will fuel you. […]

Now, I can’t claim to know what it is like to be a mom, since I’m not (and I do know that even though my business is my baby.. it doesn’t count). But I am a firm believe in the fact that YOU are the most important person in your life. Nobody else is to […]

You heard me right, all you need for your boudoir wardrobe for your experience, is sitting in your closet, literally as we speak. That is not to say that I don’t approve of you going out, and shopping for new lingerie for your session because YOU TOTALLY SHOULD pamper yourself and take yourself out! BUT, […]

It all started when my dad asked me a really out of the blue question, “Hey Lyss, will you take me to Starbucks?” The reason this was strange, is because my dad NEVER grabs a late night Starbucks. It’s always a morning or early afternoon treat, so for this day, it was already odd. It […]