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Client Spotlight | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

March 15, 2019

“My name is Mae Angela. I am 27 years old. For a living, I work as a purchasing agent for a global
telecommunications company in Valencia, CA.
My friends and I attended the grand opening for Alyssa Michelle Photography studio this past January,
and I won the amazing raffle prize of a complimentary boudoir experience and a print credit towards my
product order. I decided to book my session with Alyssa Michelle shortly after because I knew I needed to.
I needed this for myself. I lacked self-confidence. Somewhere along the way it got lost and as long as I can
remember, I have always compared myself to my friends and other women that I admired. I wasn’t
enough ‘woman’ in my own mind. I always wanted to be curvier and feel sexy, like a woman. I wasn’t
happy with myself and it took a toll in all aspects of my life, especially my relationships with my loved

I was worried about a lot of things when I booked my session. First, I wasn’t sure I was going to get the
time off do the session, but I booked it anyway. I asked for the time-off the day after I booked my session,
and praise Jesus, hallelujah my boss approved my time-off! Second, I did not know what to wear for my
session. I went to multiple stores trying to find the perfect outfits, but in the end I went with what I felt
most comfortable and sexy in. Lastly, I was worried about paying for the products and knowing myself, I
would want everything. I was relieved that there were payment plans available, because like most people, I
needed to budget for this type of treat-yourself expense. I told myself that this is one of those things that
you do that is worth the money, because with meeting and seeing the results and the products from
previous clients… I knew I wanted what they had. Self-love. Confidence. Self-acceptance.
I wasn’t sure what to expect for the boudoir experience. I just came open-minded to what the morning
was going to hold, despite being super nervous and excited all in one. Once I got there, the team greeted
me and they were so sweet and kind which helped my nerves settle down and helped me settle in for hair
and make up.

I think my most favorite part about the whole experience was the photoshoot and the image reveal.
During the photoshoot, I felt my confidence come out as Alyssa and Amy were coaching me through the
different poses. Literally the next day and into my week, I noticed I carried myself a bit differently. I was
so proud of myself for doing something I never thought I would do, but had always wanted to do. The
image reveal was the cherry on top. Walking into the Image Reveal room, I felt a bit lightheaded and was
in almost disbelief that the woman on the screen was really me. I was just floored honestly. Now, I love my
body for once in my life and I am so grateful to Alyssa and Amy for showing me how beautiful I truly am.
I don’t think there’s anything more that Alyssa or the team could have done to make the experience better.
I really appreciated that the products guide, along with the payment information was available to me on
multiple occasions. I think I’d want to utilize the Boudie Bank for future sessions.
Advice I would give to women interested in their own boudoir session, would be to start saving, utilize the
Boudie Bank, and just do it. I am a huge believer in feeling the fear, but doing it anyway. It is the most
liberating experience when you do.

I love me more than I did prior to my session. I see myself as beautiful the way that I am right now and in
those photos. Rolls are normal and my booty is so cute! I love it! I feel confident and sexy. I love being a
I enjoyed working with Alyssa Michelle and her team. It was all around a wonderful, life-changing
experience! I’m excited to get my products and to do my next shoot.”

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