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August 28, 2018

What is that feeling we get when something sends chills down our spines? When our hearts feel warm and we know everything in that moment is perfect? I know what you’re thinking. This has to do with sex, right? Wrong. I’m talking about PASSION. Passion can come from a place of contentment just as easily as it can come from a passionate bedroom action.

The kind of passion I’m eager for isn’t in the bedroom. It’s the kind of passion I feel for my job. The passion I feel for self love. The passion I feel for the women who give me a reason to love what I spend endless days and nights working for. My passion to help anyone who’s willing to let me do what I’m here to do; help them see just how truly beautiful they are.
The feeling I get when I watch the expression on a woman’s face change when her entire life enhances right before my eyes. I chase that feeling on a daily basis. I wouldn’t do my job and pour my heart and soul into it if it wasn’t exactly what made me feel the way I do. Passionate. Nothing makes me happier than being a part of someone’s journey.
The journey to complete self love is something that nobody can go through alone. We all need somebody. Someone that will listen to us and help us figure out how to grow and flourish in a newfound passion for who we are. For me, being able to be there for a woman who’s just figuring out how to love herself unconditionally is the greatest, most fulfilling and pure moment.
Her face lights up, she either laughs or cries and she gasps, completely in awe of her beauty. Nothing beats that moment. Absolutely nothing. You know why? It’s because without these reactions, my work wouldn’t be what it is. It wouldn’t be life changing. It wouldn’t be helpful. It wouldn’t be boudoir. Nothing feels better than helping someone. It sends the most powerful feeling of joy through my body.

Especially when a woman comes into my studio, rather nervous, but is promptly welcomed with open arms and suddenly she isn’t nervous at all. She’s excited. I watch her feelings about her body change. She no longer covers herself with her arms, putting a barrier between us. She no longer keeps her eyes to the ground in fear of allowing me to see her vulnerability. She poses with pride and can’t help but smile from ear to ear. I do the same. She’s in a safe place. She feels free from judgement and criticism. Just as every woman should. Letting the fear of criticism stop you from doing something that makes you proud of who you are is a tragic decision. It’s tragic for one reason: you are more important than someone else’s opinions.
Everything about these moments, I cherish. Every woman who has walked through my studio, gives me exactly what I need in order to do my job. She gives me hope. She gives me reassurance that my passion is helping another person, and that I will never question why I do what I do. She lets her guard down for me and I give her my undivided attention. Isn’t that what everyone needs? I believe so. I believe that people deserve undivided attention, even just for a while, in order to understand that they matter and they are so important.
It can be hard to give a receive that kind of attention these days. Our lives are so full and busy. We often forget that the people around us need the same things that we do. We all need to feel important and cherished. The time I spend with a woman who yearns for self love, I spend showing her every part of herself. Every dimple and ripple in her skin. Every part of her that she questions, she will soon love. Every freckle and mole. Every curve and contour. She learns to love every single thing that makes her who she is. I won’t let you believe that you aren’t perfect just the way you are. Every woman that walks into my studio becomes the most important woman in the room. She is cherished. She is understood. She is everything.

Written by E. Haro

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